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Things Got Weird Y’all

Thanks to the creation of YouTube, the world has these new, self-made celebrities. They talk to a camera, wear weird things and make money, friends and fame so casually. THEN. Bored people like me spend hours of watching their stupid, creative 5-minute videos. Back. To. Back. Binge watching and ultimately wasting time. Ahhh, Internet. How great you are.

BUT NOW! These wonderful people are doing things like writing books and going on tour. Can I have their lives? WHY AM I NOT FUNNY.

So, two of these YouTubers are Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart. Grace, formerly known as DailyGrace, makes these great themed videos with satirical advice or games, etc. She has a podcast called Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig, where she interviews fellow YouTube stars and then challenges them to a game. She wrote a book with more of her great satirical advice—well, the advice is good and driven by her life experience, but always with a fun or stupid anagram. Hmm… let’s see. What else has she done.. oh she’s in a bunch of Lowes commercials.

Mamrie is also just purely hilarious. She does “You Deserve a Drink” where she makes up a cocktail and dedicates it to a celebrity who deserves a drink. The two compliment each other so well. Mamrie is pretty lewd and quick on her feet, and Grace’s giggle and quick puns are contagious. They did this travel show, which is educational and hilarious, but makes me insanely jealous that this is their JOB. Also they f*cking made a movie and it’s so great.

Here’s their friendship in a nutshell for the show:

Anyways, after watching them for years (literally, years) I feel like I know them. Like they are weirdly my funny friends? (OK, don’t call the psychologist on me until you watch some of their vids—they are hilarrrrr). And they had never been to Houston on their fun travels or tour, so when I heard they were coming with their southern “This Might Get Weird, Y’all” tour, I bought some tickets because their shows are so fun (I went to one in Austin this summer).

They did NOT disappoint.

They did this great opening song parody…

And some a fun facts about Houston… Literally just all about Beyonce.

Here are some of my favorite one-liners:

“Did you know Houston has an incredibly lower unemployment rate than the rest of America. That is, unless you’re Kelly Rowland.” – Mamie

“They like their bags like they like their lovers. Nude.” – Grace, to purse ladies pulled up on stage. “Did you guys go to TJ Maxx together to get these?” – Mamrie

“I eat raw cauliflower like its a baked potato, of course I’m gonna ‘Keep FARTIN.” – Mamrie

The concept of the show was “Keep: FARTIN,” an anagram for Fitness, Artistic Expression Relationship, Twitter, Intelligance, and Narcisism.

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