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8 Houston Coffee Shops for Any Occasion

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So I’m not a coffee connoisseur by any means. I love coffee, but given my strong aversion to caffeine, that leaves me fairly restricted with what I can order. However, I do love a nice coffee shop and have a few on hand that work for a variety of situations. Here are 8 delightful coffee shops to check out in Houston:

For people watchingAgora (1712 Westheimer Rd.) is always packed no matter what time of day it is. You can grab some coffee or tea, or elect to go with something stronger and choose a beer or wine. There are lots of big arm chairs and interesting seating arrangements, so it’s not the best place to do work with a laptop, but it’s perfect for catching up and watching the eclectic Montrose crowd.

For a good conversationCatalina Coffee Shop (2201 Washington Ave.) is built in an old building on Montrose, this coffee shop is hipster to the umpth degree because they [brace yourself] don’t offer Wifi. Resist the urge to insta your latte and accept the opportunity to digital detox for a while to catch up with an old friend.

For a great cup of teaSouthside Espresso (904 Westheimer Rd.) I don’t know much about coffee, but I sure know how to appreciate a damn good cup of tea and Southside is definitely where it’s at. They have an extensive selection of loose leaf teas and the baristas are highly knowledgeable about what each one tastes like and can recommend something that you might enjoy.  If you’re a tea person, this is totally the place to go.

For a work day break…Caffe Bene (1201 Fannin St.) is a great alternative to your afternoon Starbucks run in the Tunnels. The new coffee shop just opened in GreenStreet and is guaranteed to be fun walk [outdoor] from your office. Pop in for a cup of coffee, a tasty waffle, or even a scoop of ice cream!

For when you don’t know what to drinkWoodbar (3939 Montrose Blvd.) is part coffee shop, part bar. This joint has everything you need for when you don’t know what you want. Sit at the bar or at one of the cozy booths to enjoy the sleek modern atmosphere.  It’s a cousin to Canopy so if you end up wanting something delish to eat it’s connected and easy to get to.

For a pit stop during a runEQ Heights (1030 Heights Blvd.) is build into an old house on Heights Boulevard this place is easy to get to off the Heights Running Trail (either this one or this one). Take your dog for a walk and take a pit stop to sit outside on the spacious porch and enjoy the delightful Houston weather.

For Instagram worthy everythingTout Suite (2001 Commerce St.) is just so on point. Take your workday lunch to the next level and upgrade your sad desk salad to a Instagram worthy feast. Totally worth the Uber over from Downtown. Check out these 10 Reasons to Dine at Tout Suite.

For a actually getting work doneCoco’s Crepes (5555 Washington Ave.) – soooo yeah I know this isn’t technically a coffee shop or a local Houston joint, but it’s a really good place to get work done and have some substantial food, like crepes or paninis, while you’re at it. I often go to the one on Washington and there’s always tables available to spread out my computer, notes, tea cup, food etc. Also the barista who works nights is hilarious. Many an It’s Not Hou blog post has been written here 😉