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How to Do Everything Greek Fest

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This weekend (Oct. 5-8) is The Original Greek Festival at Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral has everything a girl can dream of: food, music, wine, shopping, food, activities, wine, coffee, food, wine—you get it. You’ve got tonight, all day tomorrow and Sunday to hit it up, and as a native Houstonian, I do this thing a lot. Let me impart my expert knowledge to you, mere mortal.

How to _____ at Greek Fest… let me fill in that blank:


Street parking is a nightmare, but doable. UNLESS YOU PARK IN A TOW-AWAY ZONE. It’s also Montrose, so those pesky zones are not readily visible. TBT to the ticket I got while going to Greek Fest (I parked behind another car, so I totally thought it was ok — we both were wrong). There are some cash lots, but I highly recommend you Uber or use one of the free shuttles (but lines get LONG, so budget time for that).


Tickets are just 5 bucks, nbd. Cash is faster, but they have credit card scanners and ATMs. Food runs you a few dollars for a la carte items, and $12 for the dinner plate. Pro tip: don’t waste your money on water. I *think* you’re allowed to bring in water. And if not, they don’t check bags, so stow one away if need be.


Your typical Greek food is all here. Here are my favorites: Baklava (aka layers of sticky-sweet shit on a crumbly cookie), spanakopita (greasy croissant + spinach), tiropita (heaven/cheese in a greasy croissant). Literally the trio of perfection. The two savory pastries are also a part of the dinner plate, if you want more variety/to eat your weight in Greek food.


Wine starts at $20 a bottle #YAASSS. If you get beer, get the Greek beer at least?


The market is in the auditorium, and the hours are unknown. May the force be with you.


Music performances are evening only, btw. But they have solid music all times.

Here’s everything else your lil Greek heart will need. 


This post originally published in 2015, but we update it every year with new info!


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