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The 2018 Rodeo Lineup in Order of Who We’re Excited to See

We’re all still stunned it’s already 2018, but got another announcement for ya: It’s almost Rodeo Season!

I hung out with Cox Media and 93Q tonight at NRG Stadium as RodeoHouston announced its 2018 lineup! P freaking exciting for me, a diehard Rodeo fan. Ahem, here’s everything I’ve written about for Rodeo! (More to come this year!)

Gotta say, pumped about this lineup. It’s a healthy mix of new people and classic HLSR performers. Plus, this years performances are going to be on the brand new stage that’s 100% mobile and has twice as many lights as the last year. Get ready to rock — tickets go on sale next Thursday!

Here’s who I’m pumped about this year!

  1. Leon Bridges, Mar. 2 (Black Heritage Day)
    I know, kinda lame on my part to pick an non-country artist for my favorite pick, but Leon Bridges’ smooth, sultry voice is, just, so so so so great. I can’t wait to see how he performs live!
  2. Garth Brooks, pt. 1, Feb. 27
    Garth freaking Brooks is ending his 25-year absence from HLSR and opening this year’s show! He’s so high energy and you’ll recognize more than one of his songs if you don’t live under a rock.
  3. Garth Brooks, pt. 2, Mar. 18 (RODEOHOUSTON Super Shootout)
    Whoops, love me some Garth so he gets No. 2 and No. 3. TBT to when I interviewed him for work. SWOON! (He was way friendlier than another classic country star who shall remain nameless. Ahem.)
  4. Cody Johnson, Mar. 10
    Our hometown hero — he’s from Huntsville! A former rodeo competitor turned country artist who saved the day last year an act had to pull out because of a death in the family.
  5. OneRepublic, Mar. 14
    I’ve loved OneRepublic for a LONG while, though I think high school Natalie would have had them higher up. Still, can’t wait to jam with them!
  6. Little Big Town, Feb. 28 (Armed Forces Appreciation Day)
    Something about Little Big Town always gets me in the Rodeo mood! Seen them before, and they are so lively.
  7. Zac Brown Band, Mar. 12
    We could all use a little bit of chicken fried or cold beer on a Friday — err, Monday — night.
  8. Alessia Cara, Mar. 4
    So, at first I wasn’t super pleased with this female pop artist pick. But then I thought about it and Alessia Cara’s voice is amazing and I think she will rock that stadium.
  9. Blake Shelton, Mar. 1
    Blake Shelton is kinda hilarious — obvious to anyone who’s seen The Voice — so, for entertainment alone, he’ll be a good show.
  10. Thomas Rhett, Mar. 7
    Thomas Rhett is such a cutie, and I’ve seen him before! Even if I don’t know his songs, he’s a solid concert.
  11. Brad Paisley, Mar. 17 (RODEOHOUSTON Super Series Championship)
    Because, Brad Paisley. He’s amazing, and only so far down because he is one of the shows for the last weekend almost every year. We get it, you’re awesome.
  12. Luke Bryan, Mar 8
    Here’s another one of the tried-and-true male country artist rodeo performers, and Luke Bryan is also a cutie.
  13. Kelsea Ballerini, Mar. 3
    Never heard of Kelsea Ballerini, but she is adorable and (I bet) spunky!
  14. Keith Urban, Mar. 15
    Keith Urban — is Nicole Kidman coming???
  15. Chris Stapleton, Mar. 16
    Gotta say, seen Chris Stapleton before and I loved, loved, loved…. how much everyone else loved him. His style of country isn’t exactly for me, but his cult-following is infectious!
  16. Rascal Flatts, Mar. 5 (First Responders Day)
    Rascal Flatts is one of those acts where you don’t listen to really but somehow know all the words, right? For that, it’s kind of an exciting show.
  17. Jason Aldean, Mar. 6
    OK, confession… I don’t know these last four performers very well at all…
  18. Chris Young, Mar. 9
    Chris Young won a singing competition as his claim to fame, according to a quick google search. V cool!
  19. J Balvin, Mar. 13
    So, J Balvin has collabed with a whole lot of people, so you might know him from that! (I, however, do not…)
  20. Calibre 50, Mar. 11, (Go Tejano Day)
    Never been to Go Tejano Day, actually, but I have heard it’s a huge party. (My mom never wants to go because attendance is high and traffic is awful. I am in agreement with her bc that sounds awful and is why Calibre is at the bottom of the list. #HatesTraffic)

Here’s the list in chronological order!

So, who are y’all most excited to see?? Tell us in the comments!

2 thoughts on “The 2018 Rodeo Lineup in Order of Who We’re Excited to See

  1. I’m most excited to see many of them … as long as they aren’t supporting the rodeo in its current state (which means I won’t be attending any of THESE shows). Nice post compilation, Lauren, given that.

    We do hope you’ll join the more enlightened of us and stand up against animal cruelty anyway. Cheers! ~ Shannon


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