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KNOW BEFORE YOU GO: White Linen Night in the Heights

WHAT TO KNOW BEFORE YOU GO to White Linen Night in the Houston Heights! It’s this weekend — Saturday, August 5, 2023!

White Linen Night in the Houston Heights has completely taken over all of the Heights, so there’s a whole lot to see and do! Let me break it down.

Where to go for White Linen Night in the Houston Heights:

19th Street (6-10p) — this is the OG street party with tons of shopping, live music, free drinks, etc! @feelgoodgrp is putting it on and they are pros! The street WILL be closed this year!!

White Oak (4p-2a) — White Oak is really showing up this year. Tons of spots are doing their own thing — drink specials, music, food vendors, and more — and it seems like everyone on White Oak is on board! EZ’s, Christian’s Tailgate, Permission — and more!

MKT (5-9p) — MKT is having its own little fest with Houston Plant Market!! There are also tons of new restaurants open in MKT now — highly recommend stopping buy. This option seems a bit more chill!

HEIGHTS BARS — if you’re looking to party all night, assume any Heights bar is going to be lively and full of people wearing white. Drift, McIntyre’s, Heights Biergarten — all have specials, DJs, music, etc!

Some WLN tips for my newbies…

Wear white. Like all white, not just mostly white. Seriously. Anything else you stand out like a sore thumb!

Leave your doggos at home. The crowds are not dog friendly.

Stay hydrated! Highs are in the triple digits, y’all, and beer and wine do not count for hydration.

Before you BYOB, keep in mind you might want to go into shops or restaurants that won’t allow you to bring your own booze or coolers in.

SHOP!! The whole point of WLN is to showcase local shops and artisans so don’t be shy make some purchases!

RIDESHARING IS A MUST! Use code “ITSNOTHOU10” for $10 off there and back with @ridealto

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