Teeeeeheeeee…. Happy April Fools’ Day! Did we getcha? I mean like… probs not since we EXPLICITLY said that email twas a joke. If you WERE fooled, maybe stop sniffing glue and start wearing a helmet.

In order to make up for our cruel funny joke email, here are some legit amazing articles you might enjoy checking out!



Welcome to “Summer”—or a mild Spring we enjoy each March-May before the real Summer comes to cook us.


Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 8.26.03 PM

True Foods knows what brunch is all ’bout—if only they had a team of servers with a little more rush in life.



#SonnetsForMyProducts—Shakespeare would be so proud… I think?


tout suite


Gimmie that Tout Tout, that Sweet Sweet—here’s ten reasons (you probably don’t even need) to beeline to Tout Sweet.

God bless you guys for playing along with our jokes—have an AMAZING week! (And that’s NOT a joke!)


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