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10 Murals to Visit in Houston in 2021


Houston mural scene is always developing, changing and evolving. Here is a list of Houston murals that are new to town (or just new to us) that we think you should visit. Here is your 2021 Houston Mural Guide. Trends in the murals that popped up coincided with a reckoning of forces with Black Lives Matter, quarantine, hope and Texas pride.

As is the nature of the evolving art scene, there’s no telling when these pieces of art will be painted over or taken down. Definitely make a point to visit them sooner rather than later!

Want more? This is the latest in a series of ongoing Houston mural posts! Check out the best of 2016 20172018, 2019 and 2020.

Also! If you want a cool gift idea, you can book a real mural tour and learn about the history behind these works of art.

2021 Houston Mural Guide

  • I Believe in Good Things Coming. 1718 Houston Ave. This mural is the latest in the Fresh Arts Houston mural collection in First Ward. Painted by Anat Ronen in the middle of COVID, the mural definitely reminds Houstonians to keep the faith when going gets tough. The landscape represents the bayou, meadows, prairie and butterflies native to Houston. Find it on the south side of Café Brussels in the back parking lot. Outfit details.

There are so many new murals popping up every day. If you want to go out exploring on your own, definitely check out for a comprehensive guide to the area’s public art, created by UP Art Studio.

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