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How to Have a Photoshoot at the #SugarandClothColorWall

Sugar and Cloth Color Wall


Wondering what’s #ItsNotHou’s latest obsession? Hint it’s big, bright, made of bricks and located in EaDo. Every since we discovered it on Instagram — we’ve been obsessed with the Sugar and Cloth Color Wall. It’s such a fun addition to the Houston landscape and literally brightens up the city. A few weeks ago, Sugar and Cloth Studio, the people who created the wall had a fabulous launch party filled with balloons and props and insta famous bloggers (read the recap and see more pictures here!). It was so much fun, we made a point to come back as a group and snap some serious #squad pics. If you’re looking to get in on the action, here are some helpful tips on how to have the biggest, brightest, and more colorful photoshoot at the Color Wall!

  1. Stalk Instagram. The official hashtag for the wall is #sugarandclothcolorwall and the location is “Work at Headquarters.” There is so much inspiration to be had. There are some crazy creative people out there!
  2. Make a FB group invite. Trying to rally a bunch of friends to document your #squadgoals? Use the FB “poll” feature to collect days people are free and decide if you want to color coordinate. We recommend all white OR bright, bright colors!
  3. Make sure you know where you’re going. Google maps doesn’t recognize “Work at Headquarters” and the “Sugar and Cloth Studio” is at a different location. So make sure you write down 3302 Canal St, so you get to the right place!
  4. Bring props. Fact: There are no such thing as too many props. We’re talking umbrellas, inflatable flamingos, confetti, even an ottoman! Balloons are definitely the all around winner.
  5. Bring your selfie stick. Admit it now…you’re going to want a squad pic – so come prepared with a selfie stick, or a friend that doesn’t want to be in any pictures (lezbehonest it’s unlikely you have one of those). The wall is in a pretty industrial part of town, so there aren’t a lot of by standers walking by that you can snag for a group shot. Especially not one that would have the patience for multiple poses / arrangements.
  6. Go early. Mornings are best because the wall isn’t in the shadows and there is less glare on your photo.
  7. Embrace the elements. It might be windy or crazy sunny or full of shadows or even a spontaneous rain shower–this is Houston after all. But there are so many fun pics to be had! We struggled hardcore with the wind — good thing we had a brush and back up makeup in our bags.
  8. Bring flats! After scrolling through insta and seeing all the fun action shots, you know you’re going to want some sort of jumping pic. And it’s best if you don’t break your ankle in heels.
  9. Get the Boomerang app. Change up your photo routine and make fun gif like videos with Instagram. It’s a game changer for sure.
  10. Share your pics via iCloud. If you have an iPhone, you can create a “Shared Album” and invite your friends to join. It’s very easy to transfer photos with a big group — no text messages, computers, or cords needed.

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scwall5 scwall7 scwall6 scwall3

Sugar and Cloth Color Wall

Sugar and Cloth Color Wall

Sugar and Cloth Color Wall

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