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10+ Houston Murals to Visit to Celebrate the City

Whether it’s July 13 — aka 7/13 Day, Houston’s birthday on August 30, or just another weekend and you’ve got friends in town, we’ve got Houston-focused murals for ya.

Houston Graffiti Building’s collection

Let’s start with the Houston Graffiti Building, shall we? May as well! This one is pretty much a one-stop shop for Houston murals! You can find the building at 1503 Chartres St. (and the surrounding area) just east of Downtown. Play eye-spy in the area for each of these colorful creations!

Houston Is Inspired

Need a little inspiration? Head to the Houston is Inspired mural in the heart of Downtown (313 Travis St). It’s an OG mural, sometimes compromised by parked cars, but always colorful and fun! It’s by @Gonzo247 — one of my fave muralists in town!

Houston Raised Me

This one is for my native Houstonians — like me! This mural is way bigger than I was expecting and is in an interesting spot: on the side of a Valero Gas Station in East Downtown. Actual address: 3326 Canal St.

Social Beer Garden HTX’s We Are Houston

Well, this one will have to wait until COVID blows over, but once all’s well again, grab a beer and head to Social Beer Garden HTX at 3101 San Jacinto St.

Greetings From Houston

Here’s one fit for a postcard! If you’re familiar with Houston’s mural scene, you’re probably familiar with this one at 3602 White Oak Dr. Even all these years later, it’s still a favorite.

Hands-On Hou in the Heights

This one’s a little out of sight — it’s off Shepherd at 18th Street in the Heights. It’s actually in a parking lot behind Snooze! Breakfast followed by quick photo sesh!

HOU Panels in Midtown

We interrupt this blog post on murals for a different type of art! @Capdavjon (AKA David Maldonado) painted these panels in Midtown on the side of a Starbucks (2101 Smith St.).

Houston Marque

Love this marque-style mural that’s popped up on Washington (5913 Washington Ave) and it’s a little tricky — the best photo is actually from across the street (at The Classic!). They also have their own “Good Vibes Only” mural.

All The Houston Things at Eighteen36

I love how much Houston was crammed onto this fence on Eighteen36’s patio! Also, note the astroturf. Location: 2221 W Alabama St. Get a drink and enjoy the view!

Downtown Pandr Murals

I think we all agree that the Downtown Pandr murals make the world a better — brighter place! Find them at 1200 McKinney St — these two are specific to Houston, but there are even more!

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