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Heights Mercantile Popped Up Overnight and We’re Obsessed

First there was a few construction cones and a bulldozer or two. And then, I swear, overnight, they’re putting the final touches on the Warby Parker mural and everyone and their mother is lining up to get a crepe. If you don’t know what I’m talking about than take a quick drive up Heights Boulevard and take a peek at all the activity going on around 7th Street. Heights Mercantile shopping district has popped up over night.  Despite running past the construction for months, I somehow feel like I missed the memo.

Heights Mercantile has an interesting mix of local and trendy corporate chains. Chubbies, Warby Parker, and Aesop all make appearances. Cloud 10 Creamery and lululemon kept the neighborhood aesthetic and are housed in cute little refurbished bungalows. And I’m particularly excited about the reincarnation of Melange Creperie from its underground time in The Conservatory–more on that later.

Heights Mercantile Shopping Houston

One of the highlights of Heights Mercantile is its selection of boutiques. I spent a lovely afternoon wandering around the Gypsy Wagon and Rye 51. Gypsy Wagon will definitely be a go-to spot for holiday shopping. It’s kind of like the cooler, more Texan version of Urban Outfitters. I’m also excited that the Impeccable Pig (and Texas favorite) is joining the folds. Other boutiques include St. Lo, Bespoke, and Will Leather Goods. When I have people ask for recommendations on where to get cool festival wear or unique statement pieces, Heights Mercantile is definitely where I’ll be sending them! Even the parking lot is cool with giant graphic color blocks spattered around!

Heights Mercantile Shopping Houston

Heights Mercantile consists of four buildings with some outdoor space and parking that’s crossed by fairy lights and the Heights Hike & Bike Trail. More tenants are gradually getting added to the remaining space including a wine bar, a DEFINE, Local Foods, and Paloma Beauty. Heights Mercantile is doing a good job of scheduling events that draw people to the neighborhood. Museum of Fine Arts has opened a rotating collection of exhibits and lululemon has a schedule of yoga classes (and coworking space!). Whoever curated this area deserves a high-five. It’s a delightful, laid back oasis that provides a walkable destination for many of the people in the Heights area–although it’s definitely worth a drive too!

Heights Mercantile Shopping HoustonHeights Mercantile Shopping Houston

Have you been? What’s your favorite part? Anything surprise you? 

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