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Hi, are you new here? We could tell by your large — but now useless — winter wardrobe. But, you’ve chosen (or have been forced) to settle down in Houston, and (even if you’re not quite thrilled with it yourself yet) we’re excited to have you here. 

As self-proclaimed, unofficially official spokeswomen for Houston, our blog is already a great guide to places to eat and drink, things to do and more. But part of becoming a Houstonian is really knowing where you actually live. We don’t need to tell you — Houston is huge and overwhelming to a Newstonian, but when you really get to know the personality and vibe of your own little piece of the city, it’s all much easier to handle.

This page is your one-stop shop for discovering little pieces of Houston, whether you live there or not. We’ll recommend our favorite spots to eat, drink and be merry, plus everything you need to know about the area. Is your hood not on here? No worries, we’ll slowly be tackling all of Houston’s pieces of paradise. Shoot us an email if you think something’s missing here.

What are you waiting for? Click a neighborhood to start your Houstonian initiation process. One of us. One of us. One of us.

<3 Anastasia and Natalie

How to be a Houstonian

How to make friends, fitness trends, foodie finds, and so much more.


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