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Ah, River Oaks. Gorgeous million-dollar homes, rich history (of the rich) and…. a very confusing neighborhood to map. Seriously, it’s all so confusing. I used to classify the area as east of Willowick/Wesleyan, west of Montrose, but the River Oaks District, which is just inside the loop on Westheimer, expanded River Oaks westward. I put the north/south borders as follows: South of San Felipe and Kirby/Allen Parkway and north of West Alabama (some might argue Westheimer, but come at me, bro). YES, YES THIS IS A LARGE CHUNK OF HOUSTON!

Big part of Houston, but an equally huge part of Houston history. William and Michael Hogg (sons of Gov. Jim Hogg) founded the residential community of River Oaks in the 1920s and it quickly became a well-publicized and notable model for community planning. It was extra from the start and known for its oak trees and winding roads. When founded, it had a “gentlemen’s agreement” that excluded races, like blacks and jews. Not cool, River Oaks.

There’s a lot of literature on the historic area, but my favorite book I read that really captured the history of River Oaks in a fun fictional way (with great historical references) is The After Party. Such a great read that’ll make you look at the winding roads you drive through daily (no, just me?) a little differently.

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All the shopping districts are super confusing, and I mentioned them above, but let’s do a real break down:

  • River Oaks Shopping Center: The OG for designer shopping. Now, it’s amazing for everything from fancy wedding gowns to cute Francesca’s rompers. ROSC also houses the historic River Oaks Theatre and tons of yum restaurants.
  • River Oaks District: The new designer hub, you know, where it costs $1,000 to just look at bags. That type of expensive. It’s a great area to shop if you’re a billionaire, or eat and hang around if you’re a normal person.
  • Highland Village: A little smaller than these other two shopping centers in terms of number of stores, but equally great selections and eateries. HEB’s Central Market is a cheaper Whole Foods that will spoil you rotten when you move away (trust me) bc there is only one in all of Houston/the US (I think?)
  • West Ave: Swanky little center on the first and second floors of a Gables Apartment building. There are salons and shops and eateries galore.

Every year, River Oaks goes ALL OUT on its Christmas lights. While there’s no real event, any night in December makes for a great drive through.

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