Some call it the Bayou City.
Some the Space City.
Others call it the Energy Capital of the World.
Beyoncé calls it H-town.

We call it home.

We are proud Houstonians looking to put our city on the map and have it recognized by people all over the world. Within our blog, you’ll find our sometimes too honest opinions about a yoga class we tried, a brunch drinking game, our 24 hours in cities all over the world, and, most importantly, all the things we love about Houston. We know that the city is full of never-ending adventures and we’re blogging to share out experience and expertise about Houston (and the world!) and inspire readers who are new to the city or want to explore more in their hometown.

Photos-by-Izmail-GlossonI was born in Chicago, grew up in Houston and then went away for school at the University of Notre Dame (#GoIrish). I interned in California, studied abroad in Chile (and blogged about my adventures here!), and have been to all 50 states. Before graduation, I got a job offer with the opportunity to move to any city I wanted in the US… and I decided to move back to Texas. Was it the low cost of living and the lack of income tax that influenced my decision? Or maybe the freedom to go for a run outdoors every day of the year? Or the luxury of enjoying quality tacos for every meal? Whatever the reason, I’m pretty stoked to call Houston my home.

I am a Digital Ambassador for the Greater Houston Partnership #HoustonNoLimits campaign, Ambassador for the 2018 Houston Marathon and have written for several publications including DISTRICT Magazine, Houston Hotel Magazine, and Travel42. I’m a brunch junkie, a fitness fanatic, a wanderlust warrior—but most importantly…a crazy enthusiastic Houstonian!

Anastasia Hansen

Photos-by-Izmail-GlossonI’m born, raised, and educated in Houston, and the longest I’ve been away is a couple months last summer when I got my certificate in publishing from NYU. You might be thinking, “Gosh, Natalie. How could you not love and adore New York?!” The thing is, I did. But, Houston is better. You get spoiled when your hometown is Houston, because all else fails in comparison.

As an undergrad, I interned for three major publications in Texas as well as served as an editor of the University of Houston newspaper, which gave me an excellent base of information on the city. I still work in media, and my expertise is definitely in social media. When I’m not in the digital world Tweeting or blogging, I can be found at a new bar or restaurant, sweating in a new fitness class or planning my next travel adventure. Got any suggestions?

 Natalie Harms

Photos by the wonderful Izmail Glosson

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  1. I just moved to Houston after calling the Midwest, Chicago in particular, home. The transition has been rough, and I’m looking to explore Houston more. I am ECSTATIC that I stumbled upon your blog! Thank you for writing! 🙂

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  2. Hi! I’m a native Rhode Islander moving to Houston in July for a job at NASA. I’ve been reading your blog for months now and am so grateful it exists as its gotten my husband and I so excited to make Houston a new home. We’ll likely be moving closer to Clear Lake due to its proximity to NASA. Any suggestions for things to explore in the Bay Area?


  3. I grew up here, then left and came back several years ago, (have a company that sells steam boilers). Though I’ve been here for many years, I’ve still gotten several good ideas from you guys. You all have done a great job with the blog !!! Blog posts are rich in content. I hope to contribute a bit moving forward. Blessings!


  4. Hi! Fellow IG follower ! What street is y’all’s main picture with downtown beautifully displayed in the background? I’d love to take some maternity pictures there this week!


  5. Hi ladies, I just came across your blog this evening. I’m very possibly relocating with my husband and 2 kids from London, England for my husbands work. The research has been quite overwhelming but your blog has been a great read! Especially your best places to go in each town. Hoping to send the kids to the British Internation School and want to find the perfect town to rent a home, is Memorial a good idea?


  6. I’m researching Houston and came across your blog. I’m moving to Houston this August 2018 for my graduate studies in the University of Houston. It’s been wonderful discovering your blog, especially that I am from a foreign country and don’t know anything about Houston. Thanks. 🙂


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  8. Wow, this is awesome. I read this for the second time. I guess I wish my first comment was more presonal but im orginally from Chicago and moved here recently. Thanks for writing, and again i work for a great business in Houston and would appreciate it if you checked us out sometime!


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