ItsNotHouzie Koozie

Our main goal in life is to always have a itsnothouzie koozie in our pocket. In Houston, you always need one to keep your beer cold in the summer or hands warm in the winter. Our itsnothouzies have been around the world and all over Houston. If you see us out and about we’re happy to hand them out, but understand we can’t be at all places at once to make sure every Houstonian has one.

Thus, we’ve finally launched into the e-commerce world! Support your favorite blog and snag one in your fav color. Be sure to tag @itsnothouitsme and #itsnothouzie in your pics when you’re out and about rediscovering your hometown. Send us an email if you have any questions!

skinny itsnothouzie koozie

Skinny Blue ItsNotHouzie Koozie

Skinny blue koozie perfect for seltzer cans or glass beer bottles!


Blue ItsNotHouzie Koozie

The OG Classic – OUT OF STOCK


Black ItsNotHouzie Koozie

Limited edition for our 5th Blogiversary – OUT OF STOCK


Yellow ItsNotHouzie Koozie

Limited edition for our 4th Blogiversary – OUT OF STOCK


Teal ItsNotHouzie Koozie

Suuuuper limited edition when our koozie guy changed up the color on us spontaneously –OUT OF STOCK