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10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Karbach

A Houston beer at a Houston Astros game/game watch is pretty much the epitome of a good time — especially lately! And Circa Real Estate definitely knows that, which is why, and their latest blogger event, they combined the two at one of their gorgeous Heights listings for the ultimate evening of food, fun and facts about Karbach Brewing Co. Facts that I will now share with you. (Did y’all know these? Some of these are definitely news to me!)

  1. Karbach Brewery Co. was named after Karbach Street (the street that it’s on). It’s also, coincidentally, a town in Germany.
  2. Karbach’s brewmaster, Eric Warner, is hella impressive. He’s a Braumeister educated in Germany (there are only like a couple hundred in the US.
  3. There are more than 30 breweries in Houston (and growing) and 5,000 in the US. In 1970s, there were fewer than 50. (Jimmy Carter legalized homebrewing in 1978.)
  4. Karbach was founded in September of 2011. Two out of three founders brewed in the facility previous to that, sold it, then was able to buy it back.
  5. Karbach was acquired by Anheuser Busch — probably the maker of all the other beers you drink. Not sure how you missed this… it was a pretty big deal. People were PISSED.
  6. For the first time next month, Karbach will be distributed outside of Texas. Woohooo, Louisiana, you lucky dog you.
  7. Karbach has (allegedly) the cleanest water in Houston. It’s filtered a few times and you can drink the water right from the tap outside the brewery. It comes from their filtered tanks.
  8. Karbach has special reserve brews! They are usually twists on their big beers then aged in special barrels.
  9. Love Street and Hopadillo make up around 60-70% of the brewery’s distribution. Which makes sense, bc those beers are amazing and are everywhere.
  10. There’s always a seasonal beer — sometimes multiple per season. Summer has Here Comes the Sun (an 8% beer that drinks easy — dangerous) is almost gone for the season, so if you see it, scoop it up!

Grab a beer and see ya at the game! Thanks Circa and Karbach! (Photos by Francisco Montes)

How cute is this house?! Check out the listing here. Photos by Emily Sanchez


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