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10+ Austin Photo Ops

If you’re gonna drive all the way up to Austin, you sure as hell better document it properly.

Bonus: There are two newish Instagram havens in the city, and I went to both of them in the same day. #excessive

Fomo Factory (here until?)

I’m obsessed with how perfect Fomo Factory is!

  • Theme: School throwbacks! There’s a room with desk and lockers, a room with playground stuff, a room with a school dance photo setup, etc!
  • Tickets: $23
  • Parking: Street or paid lots
  • Rooms: 10
  • Perks: Free snapple and TBT snacks
  • Lighting: Pretty great, actually! Some rooms are outside and a few have windows!
  • Staff: Before you go in, a quirky team member makes you do some silly stuff to get you in the mood! Inside, the staff is friendly and eager to take your pix!
  • Worth it? 100%

Art of Ice Cream Experience (here until Nov. 12)

Live for froyo or ice cream in THE CONE?! This one is for you.

  • Theme: Ice cream, in all forms.
  • Tickets: $20 on the weekdays, $25 on the weekends
  • Parking: Free lot
  • Rooms: 3 (but tons of different stuff in each room)
  • Perks: Free ice cream and popsicles! (They are both eh)
  • Lighting: Bad, honestly. No natural lighting, but they do provide a light tool on each display. However, this makes for some annoying shadows.
  • Staff: There was 1-2 people per room, and they weren’t particularly helpful.

Some ATX classic photo ops

Whether it’s the classic Texas State Capitol shot or a freshly painted wall, we’ve got the best spots to strike a pose for an Insta-worthy shot. Proof: Look at all these fab grams.

1. Hope Outdoor Gallery

Pro tip: Wear hiking shoes and climb to the very top. Nominate a photographer to stay at the bottom. Also find your favorite “art” and pose there too! My spot: “Donald Trump can suck my ass”.

2. Capital

It’s a little cliche, but an early morning shot at the capitol building promises no photo bombers. Bonus: Go inside! The floor of the atrium is gorgeous. Out back, is also some v pretty roses. All the photos!

3. “I love you so much”

Another ATX classic. I promise you, every pose you can think of has been done. BUT, take that as a challenge, my friends!

4. “Hi how are you”

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Doing alright, thanks for asking. ✌🏻️

A post shared by Cayla (@awkwordy) on

I’m good, thanks. This little alien (?) frog (?!) thing is so very polite. The least you can do is take a picture with him!

5. Waterloo Record Store

Hipsters, unite! This store is basically a museum. Quite an experience, for vinyl lovers or non.

6. Barton Springs

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#bartonsprings #texas #austin

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If you can’t stomach the ICE COLD water plunge, you can take a picture from the above-water warmth. Or, you know, do both.

7. Zilker Park

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#atx why are you so pretty? #123gram @_katemorris

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Just outside Barton is the park where the magic music fests happen. Cartwheel, handstand, or feetstand in front of the gorgeous DT skyline.

8. TM wall – #TMnewAustin

This mural was painted strictly for the March 2016 cover of Texas Monthly, but that doesn’t mean it can’t also be the cover of your trendy af Facebook album.

9. UT tower

Do this one for history. Even if you’re not one of the Texas Exes, you can appreciate this iconic structure.

10. Mount Bonnell

This spot is your view from the top! Again, bring your hiking boots/non ballet flats.

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