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Brunch at Ruggles Green Under $10

Ruggles Green Breakfast

Ruggles Green Breakfast

I love brunch and I love a good deal. Ruggles Green in the Heights gives you both. Filling meals, surprisingly quiet patio nestled at the corner of 11th and Studewood, quick service, no need to tip or split checks because you order at the counter, plenty of healthy and not-so-healthy options. What’s not to love?

After BSY Yoga at Raven Tower, Brunch Klub and I needed a place for some post chatarunga recovery. A quick drive from the concert grounds, Ruggles Green lay waiting to fulfill our brunch craving. Fun fact the Heights location is the only one to offer breakfast AND most of the breakfast items ring up at less than $10 #winning. Below are pics and impressions of what we ordered…

Ruggles Green Breakfast

Lemon Poppy Seed Pancakes: These babies are gluten free and surprisingly good. They have an interesting flavor, and come with syrup, whipped cream and strawberries. Definitely an option for someone who has a big sweet tooth.

Ruggles Green Breakfast

Huevos Rancheros: For those who love TexMex these tostadas topped with black beans, rachero sauce and queso fresco are definitely the way to go. Potatoes “O’Brien” weren’t a bad choice either.

Breakfast Plate: Your standard breakfast medley of pancakes, bacon and eggs. For the bruncher who loves the classics.

Ruggles Green Breakfast

Breakfast Tacos: Proof that the online breakfast menu is only the tip of the iceberg. Days after we went to Ruggles Green, these breakfast tacos were still being taco’d about in the group chat. Tacos on point.

Ruggles Green Breakfast

Spinach Salad with Steak: This salad is pretty special for a few reasons 1) it was actually a special of the day 2) it was made with special care. Ruggles Green takes the extra steps to ensure a gluten free dish is actually gluten free! You can see in this picture that the dish is contains a little tag so the kitchen knows!


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