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Where to Drink Now: Winter

We’re a couple months into “winter,” and I think we can all agree that (aside from some uncharacteristic freezes) this is barely winter. We are getting, interchangeably, downpouring dreary days with beautiful 70-degree sunny days. I’ll totally take it.

Given that these are the conditions, here are some patio-friendly (for the most part) bars that have great inside spaces as well, so no matter the weather, you can have a drink!

J. Black’s

FullSizeRender (167)

Que triste. This bar makes my list because it leaves us Feb. 12. Enjoy it one last time! (pst. there’s still the OG in Austin!)

Where: Washington Ave. at S. Heights.
Order: A $10 pitcher of mimosas or a DIY bloody mary. Not brunching? Try the sangria or a beer!
Eat: Brunch, obviously. Other favorites: Texas Trio (chips with queso, guac and salsa), PIZZA!! or the sliders. The Mexican corn is also a good share plate.
Bring: Your pup! There’s a patio that is v chill
Pro tip: Go for a game! Either one on TV or for a game of cornhole.
Warning: It’s closing soon! And, sometimes parking can suck.


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Where: Downtown. 909 Texas Ave. Second floor of the Rice building.
Order: A glass — or a bottle — of wine. Cocktails are $12 and up.
Eat: There are some small plates on the menu, but we didn’t indulge. I do know that they are a little pricey, so don’t plan to go ham.
Bring: A date! There’s a lot of nice seating and a super cool deck overlooking downtown (and the current Chron building demolition).
Pro tip: It’s pretty close to the rail, so park and ride if you can!
Warning: When we went on a Saturday night at around 10 or 11, it was dead. Literal tumbleweeds. At one point, there were three groups of people. It was bizarre. Maybe it’s a happy hour place?



Where: Northside. 4203 Edison.
Order: Again, go for brunch! Solid bloody mary. I’ve only been for brunch, but there’s a killer cute bar inside, and I know it’s a chill bar.
Eat: Typical gastropub fare, but it’s really yummy! Fries, pizza, you get it.
Bring: Your camera! (JK, we all have cameras on our phone.) There’s an awesome mural that will be the location of your next trendy instagram.
Pro tip: Go on a chilly day. The patio has awesome fire troths.
Warning: It’s a little hard to find — nestled in a neighborhood.

Lilly and Bloom

Where: Downtown. 110 Main St.
Order: A Pina Killer (coconut heaven with only the faintest taste of alcohol) or a Radler (a beer? Shandy? Something that’s delicious!).
Eat: The garnishes of your fancy cocktails. No food menu — sorry!
Bring: A small group of friends. It’s not too big, but there are a couple couch and chairs that are perfect for you and your friends’ butts.
Pro tip: Literally on the rail. There are some nearby lots, in a rare downtown blessing.
Warning: The building it’s in is under construction, so the entrance is actually under a scaffolding. It’s a little hard to find, but everything is done inside! Also, no patio — yet!

Around the Corner

Where: Around the corner. JK. It’s in EaDo. 1510 Hutchins St.
Order: A cocktail OR coffee. This bar has a new coffee program. All the mugs they use are really random — it feels like you’re in someone’s home, which is exactly what they wanted you to feel.
Eat: Croissants and pastries.
Bring: Your laptop and settle in for some work.
Pro tip: This is the sister bar to Down the Street!
Warning: It’s a bit of a sketchy neighborhood. We were there in broad daylight, so we didn’t really feel threatened, but a homeless man did shout at us from the street. Just hang inside and use your best judgement if you’re freaked out!

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