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Cheers to Kings BierHaus Brunch


First, it was Oktoberfest. Then it was trivia night. And now, King’s BierHaus has perfected brunch, ladies and gentlemen. From fruity drinks to sausage platters, here’s why you need to plan your next Sunday brunch at King’s.

If you’ve never been to King’s, know first that it’s a weird hybrid between counter ordering and table service. You order your food first at the front, then find a table. After that, a server takes it from there. It ensures quick service but guarantees that you can still get whatever else you want during your visit!

We started with a sausage platter with three delicious options. One was spicy, one had cheese and one was bratwurst. TBH, couldn’t pick a favorite even if you forced me. We also started with the frosé and the white wine julep. Both were amazing, but I was shook by how crisp and refreshing the wine thing was. I’ve never had anything like it.


For our main dishes, I got the egg grilled pretzel with tomato basil soup, and it was a genius decision. The entree is actually on their normal menu, but they added bacon and an egg to brunchify it. Obsessed with the pretzel. Obsessed with the soup. 10/10 would recommend. The gluten-free friendly potato dishes were also tempting. You get that same cheesy sausage we had before then soft, flavorful potatoes and an egg on top. That dish was also a little bit more do-able — I struggled hard to finish my huge sandwich. Oh, but no bite left behind.

We tried a couple more drinks before calling it a day. Based solely on recommendations from the sweet manager, we got the strawberry mojito and the gimlet. The mojito posed challenging because of the muddled fruit, but the gimlet went down a lil too easy.


Have y’all tried King’s for brunch? Have I convinced ya?

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