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Cheers Crawl: Where to find Cheers Restore in Houston

A cocktail with benefits? Is that too good to be true? As we head into holiday season, be sure to checkout Cheers Restore, a new product that helps support your liver and feel better after drinking. I’ve used the their Cheers Restore pills throughout my birthday weekend and did a mini-Cheers Crawl in Houston to see firsthand how their magical cocktails works!

Note: This post is sponsored by Cheers, but all opinions are my own!

What is Cheers?

Cheers is a Houston-based company focused on alcohol-related health. You might have seen the product on the Season 9 Finale of Shark Tank where it was formerly called Thrive+ (watch the pitch here!). The product itself is somewhere between a hangover cure and a multi-vitamin for people who drink. You can consume their special formula in the form Cheers Restore beverage and pills, Cheers Hydrate powder, and Cheers Protect daily liver supplement pills.

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How does Cheers work?

One of the main ingredients in Cheers products is Dihydromyricetin (DHM), which relieves alcohol toxicity and promotes the metabolization of alcohol in the liver. Aka DHM prevents and relieves the effects of hangovers. Music to my now-over-thirty-ears!

Depending on the product you can take Cheers before (Protect), during (Restore mixed in a cocktail) or after drinking before bed (Hydrate, Restore). I’ve tried a variety of hangover cure remedies, but Cheers stands out to me because of their cheeky marketing. You can easily shotgun a Cheers Restore can, as they’ve conveniently marked the spot where you might key a hole after a night of drinking.

Cheers Restore in Houston

I brought several of the Cheers products with me on a birthday trip to Sonoma, California and they kept me going through all of the wine tasting festivities. My friends and I would take a few of the capsules before bed each night and happily woke up each morning alive and well to take on the day and keep adventuring!

Cheers Restore Pills

Where to find Cheers in Houston?

Now available at numerous bars across Houston, you can incorporate Cheers into your evening routine and ensure you get some of the DHM goodness into your system before heading home for the night. Depending on your nightly routine, Cheers can be the perfect cocktail to wrap up the night in Houston.

Many of the bars have specialty Cheers cocktails on their menu, using the Cheers Restore beverage as a mixer for their drinks. You can also ask for Cheers Restore directly and have it mixed with your alcohol of choice. The flavor is “Lemon Sherbet” with carbonation, which in my experience mixes well with most things. I did a mini Cheers Crawl in Houston and tried out some of the signature Cheers cocktails.

Here’s what I tried:

  • Cheers-A-Rita (tequila) at Bobcat Teddy’s Icehouse
  • Vodka Cheers (vodka) at Barkley’s
  • Cheers Tea (schnapps, vodka) at Post Oak Ice House
Cheers Restore in Houston

Bars with Cheers Cocktails in Houston

You can order Cheers by name at the following bars in Houston. I’ve noted the ones that have signature Houston Cheers cocktails on their menu. Note: bars update their menus seasonally, so some of the cocktails might change, so just ask the bartender if you don’t see Cheers on the menu. You can also get creative and make your own cocktail. With the lemony kick, Cheers Restore is a decent mixer for vodka, whiskey and tequila.

Midtown / Downtown

  • Barkley’s – Cheers-A-Rita & Vodka Cheers
  • The Brass Tap – Cheers-A-Rita
  • Bovine & Barley 
  • The Dirt Bar
  • FAO 
  • Komodos


  • Present Company – Cheers & Rum Popsicle
  • Revelry on Richmond 

Heights / Washington

  • Bobcat Teddy’s Icehouse – Cheers-A-Rita
  • Darwin’s Pub – Coconut Cheers, Whiskey Cheers, Cheers Green Tea, Elit Cheers, Smokey Cheers
  • Drift
  • Heights Bier Garten 
  • Hungry Like The Wolf
  • Memorial Trail Ice House
  • Moonshine Deck Kitchen & Bar
  • Providence Bar – Cheers, Rum & Blue Curacao

East End

  • East End Backyard – Vodka & Cheers 


  • Post Oak Ice House – Cheers Tea 


  • Powder Keg

Stores to buy Cheers in Houston

You can find cheers at the following stores in Houston:

  • Berings
  • Kuhl-Linscomb

You can also shop Cheers products on Amazon and directly on the Cheers Health website. Be sure to keep it in mind as an fun gift/stocking stuffer for Houston friends!  Use the code ITSNOTHOU for 20% off online orders $25+ on

Cheers Restore in Houston

Have you tried out Cheers? Let me know where you found it in Houston!

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