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15+ Amazing Vegetarian Meals in Houston!

Houston may not be known for being vegetarian friendly, but it does have some fabulous gems, let’s take a look at some of Houston’s best vegetarian meals. I’ve been vegetarian since 2006 and vegan since 2018 and these meals literally changed my brain chemistry and keep having me come back. Here are my favorite spots to go for vegetarian food in Houston and what I order.

The Best Vegetarian Mexican Food in Houston

Taco’s A Go Go

The tater tot taco from Taco’s A Go Go will CHANGE YOUR LIFE 👏🏼👏🏼. They also have a full vegetarian and vegan menu with lots of meat substitutes and veggie taco options.

My order: 2 vegan tater tot tacos on corn with red salsa.

tacos a go go tater tot tacos

El Tiempo Cantina

The vegetable fajitas at El Tiempo Cantina are the best fajitas I’ve ever had. Honest to god they are worth every penny and the inevitable wait you’ll have trying to get in on a Friday night. (Also, yes I know the photos have meat in them. Use your imagination!)

My order: 1/4lb vegetable fajitas with the ala Barry sauce + pitcher of margaritas


This elevated Mexican restaurant has vegetarian meals all year long but creates the most incredible 3‑course menu for Houston Restaurants Week in August. It’s always seasonal, it always changes and it ALWAYS delivers. Xochi is my favorite HRW spot and I always visit annually!

My order: the HRW Vegetarian option + spicy marg!

xochi margarita houston

The Best Vegetarian Asian Food in Houston

Rice Box

This is the best takeout in Houston. Rice Box is my go‑to spot when I’m not in the mood to cook or am coming home from the airport and am too tired to do anything. This Chinese American spot offers HUGE portions of comfort dishes like General Tso and Sweet & Sour. Prepare for at least 2 meals worth of food with every entree order.

My order: Kung Pao Tofu (medium spice, sub egg noodles) with vegetarian egg roll

rice box vegetarian houston

Mala Sichuan

My favorite Chinese spot since high school is Mala Sichuan Bistro. There is an old Chinese saying that “China is the place for food, Sichuan is the place for flavor.” The flavors are not only spicy, but numbing which can be a bit weird to experience the first time. Pro tip: Everything is served family‑style with rice, so go with a group and order a bunch of dishes so you get to try a bit of everything!

My order: Dan Dan Noodles (beef on the side for my friends), Eggplant in Spicy Garlic Sauce, Mapo Tofu & Green tea!

mala sichuan heights houston

The Best Vegetarian Pasta in Houston

Here’s another blog post on my favorite spots for pasta in Houston.

Better Luck Tomorrow

The owner Bobby Heugel has sworn to always have a vegetarian option on the menu at all of his restaurants. One of the most delightful plant-based choices in Houston. Pasta Tuesday at BLT is my literal lifeblood and there was a period of time when my husband and I held “office hours” at Better Luck Tomorrow for our friends every week. I also had their cocktails at my wedding!

My order: The cacio e pepe (unless the rotating pasta can be made veg) with garlic bread and a salty cat cocktail.

Pasta Tuesday Better Luck Tomorrow


This River Oaks Italian restaurant boasts housemade pizzas and pastas, and has an adjoining wine bar, Camerata, and renowned cookie specials. Place your order at the counter (sometimes the line can be long), and select from an exquisite menu of fresh baked pasta. Serving sizes are HUGE, so come prepared to eat.

My order: Large Pasta Primavera with a big glass of red

Max’s Wine Dive

Known for pairing “merlot with fried chicken” and “champagne with mac and cheese”, Max’s Wine Dive is an upscale dive bar with comfort food on a full dinner menu. Not known for being super veg friendly, they always have a few options on the menu and I’m always coming back for the rich, cheesy cavatappi pasta.

My order: MAX’N Cheese with a bottle of champagne.

Mimosas @ Max's WIne Dive

The Best Vegetarian Mediterranean Restaurants in Houston

Craft Pita

Craft Pita is serving scrumptious vegetarian dining in Houston with Lebanese family recipes with a Texas twist. The pitas and wraps are great for a quick lunch or mezze dinner with the fam.

My order: Hummus Bowl with Lentils (sub spicy hummus) with a side of cauliflower + french fries + falafel

craft pita vegan mediterranean houston

Niko Niko’s

Niko Niko’s is a Houston legend. I’ve been going to this bad boy since middle school and my order hasn’t changed in nearly 20 years for a reason. The original Montrose location is the best and totally worth the wait. The downtown spot will do in a pinch. Obvi lunch is the best but also the breakfast pitas are legit.

My order: D’s Veggie Pita with fries

The Best Casual Vegetarian Spots in Houston

The Ginger Mule

Formerly known as Verdine, this Heights spot has a new name and an expanded menu of literally everything you could imagine, but 100% vegan!

the ginger mule houston

Local Foods

Local Foods is a totally solid lunch spot with a menu full of feel good bites like sandwiches, salads, bowls, and snacks. In a pinch it’s an aesthetically pleasing happy hour spot for a glass of wine or cocktail Al fresco. Their Rice Village location also has a fun market attached which is worth the explore.

My order: Garden Sammie with house made chips and summer quinoa side. Sometimeeees vegan cashew queso!👌🏼

Local Foods Upper Kirby

Melange Creperie

From Midtown street cart to Downtown food hall to Heights storefront, I’ve been standing in line for Melange Creperie crepes for close to a decade. They are one of Houston’s must-try vegetarian creations and every bite of their ingenious flavor pairings is worth it!

My order: roasted veggie crepe with avocado on dosa (gf, vegan) batter + add hot sauce

melange creperie vegan crepes houston

Vinny’s Pizza

Vinny’s is a casual pizza joint in EaDo is perfect for post sportsball bite to eat or for pickup/delivery. It’s my husband’s absolute favorite pizza spot in Houston and he always orders a vegetarian pie. He’s a big meat eater, so that endorsement should not be taken lightly 🤪

My order: the Happy Hippie

vinnys pizza houston

Trill Burger

Okay, I love that Trill Burgers has EQUAL representation of vegetarian options on the menu. Trill has exactly 4 burgers to choose from and HALF are vegan. There’s usually a line outside, but the wait is quick and the food is worth it!

My order: Vegan OG with fries 🍟

trill vegan burger houston

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