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5 Restaurants to Take the Rents in Houston

So your parents are in town and you want to take them to take you somewhere nice.* Whether they live in town or are just visiting for the weekend, you want to catch up, maybe enjoy a nice glass of wine, and demonstrate your knowledge of some of the classier establishments that Houston has to offer. Here’s a list of restaurants that will help convince them that you’re a functioning adult.

For wine lovers…

Max’s Wine Dive4720 Washington Ave. and 214 Fairview St.

Max’s concept is all about the eclectic pairing of wines with comfort food like grilled cheese, fried chicken and “haute” dogs. The cuisine has found a wonderful balance between classy and playful. Everything is salty, greasy, and cheesy, but so artistically arranged on your plate that you would (alarmingly) never know how much comfort there is in this comfort food. Pair a bubbly with their decadent “Max” ‘n Cheese. Indulge in a “bad-ass red” and some Foie Gras & French Toast. Fried chicken and Champagne? Why the hell not. The rents get their favorite California Bordeaux and you get to eat a decadent grilled cheese. Everyone wins.

For the Northern relatives…


Backstreet Cafe, 1103 S Shepherd Dr.

Help your relatives defrost in the Texas sunshine by take advantage of the [nearly] year-round warm Houston climate, sit outside at Backstreet Cafe and enjoy your meal al fresco. It’s a house-turned restaurant with all sorts of nooks and crannies to sit in. The back patio is refreshing–complete with fountain and candle lighting–all you need is a glass of their signture Red Wine Sangria and you’re good to go.  They have a pretty great brunch spread, lots of vegetarian options and a phenomenal tomato-themed menu in the summer.

If they’re tired of Tex- Mex…


Hugo’s, 1600 Westheimer Rd. 

Enter Hugo’s with its artistic take on traditional Mexican recipes. Think incorporation of exotic ingredients like cactus, squash flowers, and even grasshoppers for an incredible presentation and memorable courses. I don’t do the meat-eating thing, but I hear the stuffed peppers (Chiles Rellenos) are to die for. (They also have phenom vegetarian options!)

For some Houston culture…


Michelangelo’s, 307 Westheimer Rd. 

Been serving the best pastas, pizzas and other Italian cuisine since 1969, Michelangelo’s has been a fixture on the Houston restaurant landscape for years. Housed in a 130-year old house, the landscaping has literally taken over. There is a giant oak tree that resides in the middle of the indoor seating area with large roots on the floor and branches that reach out through the roof. The tree combined with the nightly live music there makes for an intimate and unique dining experience.

For the love of Italy…


Sorrento’s415 Westheimer Rd.

Complete with live music and Italian servers, Sorrento’s delivers classic Italian food in an elegant environment. The ravioli is homemade and to die for. Also the piano man takes requests and the bread basket takes bread basket to a whole new level. Put on your fancy-pants because this place is totally worth celebrating.

*If you want to truly treat, treat your parents check out 10 Restaurants for When You Just Got a Bonus.

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