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10 Spots to Snap a Pic of Downtown Houston

In case you’ve missed it, I’ve got a major crush on the city of Houston–my fabulous hometown. I can hardly go for a run without stopping mid-stride to be a tourist and snap a pic of that fantabulous skyline. I’ve been collecting shots and angles for a while now, but here (in no particular order) are my favorite spots to snap a pic of Downtown Houston, including the side of the city and the closet address to get the same one!

“Catch me on my good side. Pick one.” – Britney Spears Downtown Houston

Sabine Street Bridge (West Side), 105 Sabine St. The white bridge and picturesque street lamps make this spot a great one for downtown pics. Plus, the parking is super accessible and there’s a wide sideawlk so you can take your time getting nice pictures. Bonus: afterwards you can check out the Buffalo Bayou Cistern that’s located nearby!

Where to Take Pics of Downtown Houston

Eleanor Tinsley Park (West Side), 1600 Allen Pkwy. From the Police Memorial to the volleyball nets to the Carruth Pedestrian Bridge, there’s tons of wiiiiide open spaces to hang out, enjoy Buffalo Bayou and take in the Houston skyline. Shout out to Free Press Summer Fest for hosting a music festival in the coolest part of the city.

Downtown Houston, Buffalo Bayou, Houston Skyline at sunset, Buffalo Bayou Park, Sabine Street Park, running, #runhappy, marathon trianing, half marathon

Hogg Park (North Side), 109 Marie St. Wake up early one weekend and head to one of the free 5Ks put on by the Houston Wellness Project on Sunday morning. You’ll be treated to a free race bib, water, and spectacular sunrise over the north side of the city along the White Oak Bayou trail.

Where to Take Pic of Downtown Houston

Heights Hike & Bike Trail (North West Side), 727 Durham Dr. Take your bike or go for a run and check out the newest completed section of the Heights Hike & Bike Trail, which naturally has stunning views that frame the Downtown Houston skyline.

white oak bayou trail houston texas

Downtown views from TC Jester Entrance

Rosemont Pedestrian Bridge (West Side), 2121 Allen Pkwy. Two bridges crisscross Buffalo Bayou here by Montrose and connect the south side of the running trail with the north side and the trail that leads to Spotts Park. I challenge you to try running across this bridge (especially at dusk) and not snap a pic of this beautiful view.

Best Houston Downtown Views

UH Downtown Metro Stop (North Side), 103 N Main St. This view is one of those super under appreciated and probably little known spots in Houston. If you’re looking to park your car somewhere and then head into downtown for the bars or a sportsball game, be sure to enjoy the view on your way in!

Where to Take Pic of Downtown Houston

Third Floor (South Side), 2303 Smith St. If you manage to snap this pic with a steady hand congrats! You must either live in Midtown and walk to work (I used to love that walk!) or you’re the DD for your crew in Midtown. Bless you. You deserve this sparkling view of downtown.

The Sovereign at Regents Square (West Side), 3233 W. Dallas St. Good luck getting into this one without a serious connection. But if you happen to be so blessed to make it into the rooftop pool, the views (and the wind) might blow you away.

Where to Take Pic of Downtown Houston

Marriott Marquis Hotel (Inside / East Side), 1777 Walker St. Head up the elevators to the top floors to snap a pic of the Texas lazy river! We grabbed this one from the 8th floor. If you’re looking to hang out the pool, here’s everything you need to know!

White Oak Music Hall (North Side), 2915 N. Main St. Whether you’re looking to check out out an outdoor concert or do some Black Swan Yoga with Raven Tower on Sunday, the Houston skyline will be with you peaking over the trees in the bayou. It’s very Austin-esque.

Bonus: Unless you’re a passenger stuck in bumper to bumper traffic, these spots aren’t the best for snapping pics because you’re on a highway driving 65+mph, BUT these highways put you right in the middle of the action of the beautiful Downtown Houston. And if you’re like me and coming home from the airport, Galveston, or just the Galleria, it’s hard to not get chills:

  • US 59N Spur headed into Midtown
  • I-45 N coming from Galveston
  • I-45 S right after exiting I-10E

downtown skyline on I45


















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Best Spots for Downtown Houston Pictures Best Spots for Downtown Houston Pictures

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