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When you feel like Turtle Races move to slow: MINI Cooper Motoring Challenge

This is a sponsored blog; while the views expressed here are of It’s Not Hou It’s Me, consideration was paid by MINI Motoring Challenge to review this product. 

Are you a fan of turtle races? DUH. Have you ever driven a vehicle? Yes. Have you ever wanted to race yourself? As a turtle? No. In a car? Maybe….tell me more.

No speed limits so long as you can keep it between the cones.

No speed limits so long as you can keep it between the cones. #thatswhatshesaid …?

Well, maybe you should check out the MINI Motoring Challenge. What is that you ask? Well from the looks of the website it looks like a car dealership + rave+ Bud Light Up For Whatever commercial.  It’s a “Ride & Drive” event that allows you to test drive the newest MINI Coopers on three autocross tracks. You can cruise around in their newest 2 and 4 door hardtops. The race tracks that you drive on all have a different theme. The first is a “getaway” drive, the second is a pinball machine, and the third is modeled after Silverstone, a famous British race track. There are no speed limits of a closed course–just keep the car between the cones and you are good to go. Sign me up for the getaway drive and cue all MINI Cooper chase scenes from Italian Job.

In addition to the test driving of MINI Coopers, there will also be local food trucks, a silent disco, and live screen printing where you can make your own custom t-shirts. The Bumbys will be providing entertainment. They are considered “anonymous performance artists” who write personalized narratives on typewriters about your appearance…TYPEWRITERS. I kid you not. Anyways, instead of breaking you down with sarcasm they try to help you find your inner goodness. How refreshing!

So basically if you like breaking the speed limit, food trucks, and random people writing about how cool you are, then the MINI Motoring Challenge might be the place for you. It will be in Houston May 29th – 31st at NRG Park.  The event is free, but there are a limited number of spots available if you want to racing. For more info about the event and to RSPV click here.

Pretend you're in Italian Job and test drive a MINI today

Pretend you’re in Italian Job and test drive a MINI today

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