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10 Things to Know Before You Go: Hunky Dory


Hunky Dory-1Literally all of Houston has been waiting with baited breath to try Hunky Dory in the Heights. Some construction delay, etc. pushed back the opening date, but LET ME TELL YOU… it was worth the wait. I’m so obsessed. I don’t know where to begin, and when I don’t know where to begin, I organize my thoughts into a list.

1. It’s V British.

Hunky Dory-2

OK, America’s version of Britain is, like, fish and chips, high tea and, umm, no that’s all I got. British exec chef Richard Knight (think: Feast, a former Houston staple) is bringing British back. This is The Silver Salver. It’s got meat pies, liver mousse, bread, cheeses and relishes. It’s super authentic (I’m told, and would not know). Warning: if you don’t think you’ll enjoy it, pass. It’s a whopping $30, and honestly, not my thing—although I loved the cheese.

2. It’s Down House, Part II.

Hunky Dory is created by the same restaurant group that operates Down House, so it’s got a similar feel. It’s cozy (ahem, comfy chairs and couches) and small(ish), with great food and cocktails.

3. The bar menu ≠ the restaurant menu.

While the restaurant touts innovative dishes, the bar—I mean pub—menu has more of a comfort food approach to British cuisine: Shepherd’s pie, fish and chips, a juicy burger.

4. It’s more than a couple dollar signs.

I don’t think it’s outrageous… but definitely check out the prices before you go. Servings are very generous, so maybe take a group and go Dutch.

5. The cocktails are worth it.

Again like Down House, this is the place you splurge on a fancy, handcrafted drink. I’d recommend the “Suffragette City” cocktail, but only because it’s the only one I had. I’d bet money I’d love all of them.

6. There are multiple sommeliers.

When I went, the main wine guy, a Frenchman, wasn’t there. Que c’est triste! JK, there was another sommelier who paired our entrees with the best wines. How do they know they are the best? Apparently, the Frenchman tried dozens of wines for weeks on end to find the best for the wine menu. Wow, life must be sooOooOo hard as a sommelier.

7. The fancy fish and chips is to die for.

I want to write a love song to this one appetizer. It’s called a Snapper TarTar, but it’s basically a deconstructed fish and chips. You take the chip and put a lil snapper on it and some malt vinegar aioli. I’m pretty sure next time I go I’m just getting two orders of this, bc YOLO. Oh, yeah, the other entrees are v good too.

8. Entrees come with both mashed potatoes and fries.

Hunky Dory-5

YASSSS. This is literally the best idea in the history of restaurant side dishes. Fries and mashed potatoes, because when it comes to your starches, you shouldn’t have to choose.

9. There is a brunch.

More to come from #BrunchKlub, but it exists, FYI.

10. The dessert to get is the sticky toffee pudding.

Yum. I just. I can’t with these desserts (aka my favorite part of the meal). The sticky toffee pudding is a must have, IF you’re not bursting at the seams, because it’s a little rich. My personal favorite though… gin and tonic sorbet… BC ALCOHOL.

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