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How to be Basic AF at Common Bond

I have wanted to go to Common Bond Bakery and Cafe foreveeeerrrr. I have been lusting over all the adorable Instagram pictures for months, and even had a gift card to the place thanks to 713 Food Clique!! However, the few times that I went during the week, I couldn’t get my laptop to connect to the internet, so I had to relocate. Y’all don’t understand how sad I was about a) not getting to spend my giftcard and b) not getting to take a basic AF coffee and macaroon pic.

However, with brunch being my real true love (I really don’t even drink coffee),  it was clearly the logical Plan B. So we went!

And embracing all the brunch cliches and basic-ness that I possibly could, I had a blast and half at Common Bond Bakery and Cafe. Here’s how to be basic AF when you go:

  1. Dress the part. Basic betches have an unspoken uniform. We’re talking Michael Kors watches, Kate Spade purses, Alex and Ani bracelets, Kendra Scott everything. If it was winter time I would suggest mixing in some Uggs and leggings. But since this is basically summer in Houston, stick to a cute sundress, some strappy brown heels and grab some Ray Bans.
  2. Speak like a native. This is Sunday brunch so if you were personally victimized by vodka last night, it’s important to share with the group how craaaaazzzyyy it was and how hungover you are. Helpful phrases include “I can’t event right now” and “I literally died.” Sprinkle in “OMG” where appropriate.
  3. Order for Instagram. If you didn’t instagram/snapchat/tweet/selfie [/blog] about it, did it really happen? Answer: No. So make sure the food you order is going to be picture perfect. TBH Common Bond was MADE for Instagram. I’m not kidding. Like Tout Suite, all of its menu items are gorgeous and adorable. Must tries include a latte of some sort (may, I recommend the lavender latte?) and baked goods (macaroons on macaroons on macaroons).
  4. Do what it takes to get the perfect shot. If you need to stand on a chair to get that perfect “messy” table shot. You stand on a chair to get it. Other recommended basic af shots include the cell phone + random purse finds + coffee shot, the hand holding a plate / reaching out for something shot. See some of our favorites below for inspiration.




Pro tips about Common Bond:

  • There is a secret parking lot a few blocks North on Dunlavy that is rarely full.
  • At 12pm on a Sunday, the line is literally out the door and around the corner. But it moves fast and you get your food pretty quickly.
  • Don’t order the breakfast sandwich if you’re on a date (or do?). It’s delicious but messy af. Grab plenty of napkins.
  • You’ll see “63 degree egg” all over the brunch menu. Impress your friends by knowing that the egg is cooked in a water bath at exactly 63 degrees and is kinda like a poached egg.
  • We didn’t get this but the selection of daily bread looks delicious and would be perfect to share among a table.



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