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Thoughts Had during a Milk + Honey Spa Facial in West Ave.

mh1When’s the last time you went to a spa? Where was it? WHEN was it? For us, it’s like never. Vacations, maybe, or the rare treat yo’self moment, but for the most part, nah. TBH we don’t even know where we would go in Houston for a spa…The Four Seasons Downtown? A friend of a friend of a friend who has a esthetician license? IDK?! Enter: Milk and Honey. The West Ave spa, which is brand-spanking-new, wants to be your go-to spa and fill the void in the relatively spa-less Houston.

We got to try it out last week with a round of pomegranate peel facials from CosMedix, and obviously it was a whole ordeal. We spoke with some of the people who brought the Austin based spa to Houston and some of the CosMedix reps. Here’s what we thought while we did it:

Natalie: Dang this place smells good. I should totally tell the front desk girl that.

Natalie: Should not have told her that. WTF. I’m literally the lamest.

Anastasia: OMG obsessed with the décor. I would like to take everything from this spa and put it in my house.

Natalie: Oooo this place is fancy with two front desks. I wonder if the girl on the first floor front desk IMed the second floor front desk to tell them I’m coming. I feel so important.

Anastasia: Everyone here has really nice skin.

Natalie: OK. Got the locker demo. Normal instructions. Psshh. I won’t forget how to set a code. OOO MMMM GGG these robes are fabulous.

Natalie: Um, shit. I locked this thing without knowing how or what my code is. SHOULD HAVE PAID MORE ATTENTION. Whatever, I’m in a cloud of robe. On to the relaxation room.

Anastasia: Not mad about this robe. Or the cucumber water. Or the nuts and dried fruit snacks in the lounge.

Natalie: OK. A quiet room. I can do that. Wait, does quiet room mean no Snapchat? Eh, breaking that rule. Gimme some cucumber water.

Anastasia: Why do we have to speak in soft voices??? It’s like kindergarten…”use your indoor voice.”

Natalie: “Natalie?” Yes, me, I’m here. Put things on my face!

Anastasia: First facial EVER. LEGGO. I hear these things burn and are like the worst.

Natalie: Oh, yes this room is nice. And O M F G. Is this a lil gift? I’m looking at a gorgeous tray with a succulent and little gifts with my name on it. Stahhhhp it right meow.

Anastasia: Oooh these CosMedix samples are fabulous! I can use the Emulsion moisturizer with my coconut oil? SOLD.

Natalie: Ok. I am to change from my cloud robe to a towel wrap then get in the bed. But first, I stalk the CosMedix products. I’m already a big fan. 

Anastasia: CosMedix…lol I see what they did there….what a clever name.

Natalie: OK actual facial time. TBT to when I got facials every month as an adolescent. My mom thought they’d help clear my skin. They didn’t. They just hurt. I hope this is more chill than that.

Anastasia: There are a lot of products and equipment in this room…This is going to be either really fun or really painful.

Natalie: Ah, Kristin is my esthetician. She seems awesome. Let’s be friends.

Anastasia: Uhhh there is a brown bag over my head and using some sort of UV light to evaluate my skin….thaaaat’s why they asked if I’m claustrophobic on the intake form.

Natalie: TBH I have no clue what I’m thinking in this facial until the pomegranate peel. Which is kind of ouchie.

Anastasia: Pomegranate? And Vitamin C? There is a smoothie being made on my face.

Natalie: Mmmm nice moisture masque. Um, yes that’s Rescue+ masque. Heaven, I’m back.

Anastasia: I don’t know what they are doing to my face. But I don’t hate it.

Anastasia: Honey on the lips is a nice touch for a spa named “Milk + Honey” *laughs to herself*

Natalie: Post facial, I’ll have tea while I wait for Anastasia while my bright red face returns to normal. I reclothe and then go to the front.

Anastasia: *meanwhile* OOOH! Champagne to take the edge off a facial. Don’t hate it.

Natalie: *receives text from Anastasia* What?! There’s champagne here?! To think I was drinking tea in silence. Lame.

Anastasia: So nice to chat with Bob and David…. WAIT THOSE ARE THE CEO AND VP OF COSMEDIX. WHAT. *fangirls*

Anastasia: Lol they support the #contourresponsibly movement.

Natalie: Nice chat with the CosMedix team and I got customized product recommendations. OK, officially obsessed with this company. Yaass, to both Milk and Honey and CosMedix.

Anastasia: Totally treating my mom (and myself) to a massage here for Mother’s Day. And then maybe again for another facial.

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