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A Houstonian’s Guide to: Boston in 48 Hours


I know we usually do one-day posts, but…. GUYS, I couldn’t do it. I could NOT do Boston in 24 hours. I couldn’t narrow it down to JUST one day of activities.

I had an absolute ball in Boston and I’m just going to go ahead and break the 24 hour trend. BECAUSE I’M AN ADULT. I do what I want.

Here’s your Boston weekend getaway.


Spoilers: Tons of walking, and tons of drinking.

Breakfast at Union Street Donuts

Gotta be hands down the best donut I’ve ever eaten: Maple Bacon. Stop. Should NOT be this good!!! Also, the strawberry actually tastes like strawberries! I was also a fan of the Boston cream pie, because Boston.

Boston Common

Free and gorgeous! Start here before Freedom Trail. Do an appropriate amount of photo taking, and maybe sit for a sec, then on to the trail!

Morning walk the Freedom Trail

This is a rite of passage for Boston. It’s FREE and you can do as much as you want! It’s a pretty long walk (more than two miles) and I deeply regret the flats I wore, but it was fun! We walked, we stopped, we ate, we drank then we walked again. Follow the red painted road!

Lunch at Quincy Market

One of our Freedom Trail stops was CRAZY Quincy Market. This must be the time square of Boston because it was so crowded and tons of street performers. Inside was a lot and we didn’t explore much, but TONS of food spots.

Drinks at the Oldest Tavern

Another stop was the supposed oldest tavern, The Bell in the Hand! It’s SUCH a cute spot. Plus, big beers.

Tour Samuel Adams

This is a trip must, if for one reason only: It’s free. Y’all. I don’t mean to sound like a college frat but, FREE BEER. The tour is eh, but the tasting is great! The downside is they essentially kick you out after the tasting is over. We wanted to buy some more beer and hang but the people were all, “You can’t sit with us!”

Dinner at the Barking Crab

This was a fun find! Feels like a fish market. There will be a wait, you will wait for the bathroom too, and the drinks are eh. HOWEVER, the chowder was great and so were all our fried foods and lobster rolls.

Plus, I mean this view.



Canolis from Mike’s

Cannolis are a thing and you need to eat them from Mike’s Pastry. Again, there will be a line, but they’ve got it down to a science. Get the chocolate chip! Man, I miss these cannolis.


I pray you have a warm, dry day (we didn’t).

Morning kayak on the Charles River

You can kayak in a few different spots of the Charles River. We picked a spot close to where our friends live in Newton. I think we could have lasted longer if it wasn’t so rainy.

Brunch at Committee

I think we found THE CUTEST place for brunch. Committee (make a reservation!) is greek! There are small plates and normal brunch-sized plates. HIGHLY recommend the breakfast gyro.

Afternoon RedSox game at Fenway

I mean, you can’t not, can you? I’m not a sportsball person, but Fenway is such an experience. It’s a small ballpark β€” like, this isn’t Minute Maid. All the fans are constantly engaged and know the players by first name. The energy is so so so great.

Dinner on the North End

The North End is Boston’s little Italy! We literally had no planned place. We just walked around until we found a tiny restaurant without a long wait. I actually could not tell you were we ate…. I just know we had delish food and two bottles of wine. Good night (almost).

Ice cream and J Licks


I’m not an ice cream person. Dairy and I are not friends. We mutually respect each other then I take like 4 tums and an alka seltzer. BUT THIS ICE CREAM… must have been magic, because A. it was delicious omg, and B. did not give me ANY heart burn. I miss you J Licks… consider a Hou-ston location

Honorable mentions

Harvard Square: Walk around and you must go to Russell House Tavern (sit inside if it’s cold and outside for a spring day!)

All the college campuses: I mean…. there are a lot. We saw some of MIT I think (they all look the same to me)

Max and Leo’s: Yummy pizza (by Fenway or the original in Newton)

Shopping on Newbery Street: Watch people shop until they drop (or join them)

Coffee at the Thinking Cup: Hit it up before the Boston Common/Freedom Trail

6 thoughts on “A Houstonian’s Guide to: Boston in 48 Hours

  1. I’m a Bostonian planning a weekend in Houston, so I plan to do an opposite post later this summer πŸ™‚

    You definitely picked some great activities! And you made me crave JP Licks!

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