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The Bachelorette: As Told by Twitter (Week 5)

I don’t always tweet, but when I do, it’s because the Bachelor is on, and every once and a while, I tweet something funny.

But yeah not often.

The real twitter heroes are out there, though. Here some of my favorites.

The Bachelorette, as told by twitter.

The Chad finally was booted off, but not until after confronting the other fellas.

But then they were all like:

Then on to the rose ceremony. We all were expecting Evan to go home.

People are trying, Evan. We’re trying.

But plot twist, he stays. It’s Daniel who goes home.

He has some self esteem issues about that.

Then JoJo says it’s time to go abroad, and one of the last countries left to visit in Bachelor world is…. Uruguay.

Then Jordan gets his first 1-on-1 (first? really? ok… guess you’re right). The make out a lot (per usual) and hang out with seals. JoJo confronts him about a girl who told her he is sketchy af. Don’t worry, he’s smooth about it.

Meanwhile, back with the boys, they are reading gossip magazines that came out of no where…

and hanging out at the spa….

Oh and JoJo’s ex told In Touch she was just in it for the fame. Ruins her night.

Somewhere in here, Alex goes crazy (and he looks it).

The next group date is desert surfing? Because obviously.

Honestly, nothing else interesting happened, but Robby got exciting news: He has the next 1-on-1, and he did his best Matthew McConoughey impression.

They jump off a cliff and stuff, then Robby drops the L word.

And JoJo says…

On to the rain… I mean rose ceremony.

Womp. Grant, Evan and Vinny go home. No one is sadder than Vinny.

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