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Paint Like a Novice; Drink Like a Pro


I’m no artist (the understatement of the century). I am extremely untalented. But, there’s this new site, Vimbly, which is basically the Groupon of events/classes/activities in Houston. It seems pretty new to Hou, so there will only be more activities added. But one of them is a BYOB painting class, and they had me at BYOB.

So, enter adventure.

Step 1: Getting lost af.

Creepy hallway of death (the hall to the class, godspeed)

Creepy hallway of death (the hall to the class, godspeed)

We buy our tickets online and roll up to Houston Art Lessons in the River Oaks Shopping Center (which, hello, we’ve already raved about—add this to the list). Just a disclaimer, it is kind of hidden. Like, really hidden. It’s on the second floor, right above Brassiere 19.

We parked in the back and got REALLY lost winding our way down a school-like hallway. But, we eventually found it. If you are parking in the back, go through the Brassiere breezeway and up the stairs and you’re there.


Step 2: Pop the cork.

14012143_10206822629274199_891036014_nThe obvious “B” to bring was wine, and white was even more obvious on this summer evening. And, as two people who do not regularly carry a wine key, we got prosecco, so all we needed was our hands. Cups optional. (Cups were provided).

The glassware ain’t fancy — just the pictured water glasses. They are deceptively big. We filled ’em up like pros, though. Nailed it.


Step 3: Listen and learn (not things I’m great at).


The instructor is great. She shows you what you’re about to do, then you do it. But… I’m impatient. But, guys, I learned the coolest thing about water colors. You can ERASE with water. Like, if you accidentally paint your petal too big, you can clean and wet your brush and wipe the paint, and blot it away. It’s effing magic, and a tactic a used plenty of times.

Step 4: Drink every time you feel inadequate.


Not gonna lie, this is a pretty tame environment. It definitely felt like school a little bit, and to two 20-somethings who had just hit happy hour a little too hard, we might have been a little out of place. We still had our own fun! I suggest you make a drinking game, and if you bring a large group of people, you will not have to worry. Y’all will take over the vibe, no problem. So grab your girls! (Ps. If you book through Vimbly, you can use this link and get $10 off! Tell your friends!)

Step 5: Be pleasantly surprised, or slightly disappointed.

14031112_10206822629394202_1095103943_nI was pleasantly surprised the entire time… until the very end. I do NOT know what happened! I thought my sunflowers looked very promising. And they are by no means grotesque, but I have regrets. Anyways, it’s still by far the most beautiful thing I’ve created, so I’m feeling PRETTY pleased over all.

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