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ThrIVe: There IS a Cure for a Hangover


Listen, I’m going to be real with you because we’re close like that. I drank way too much the other night. Let me set the scene for you: CultureMap’s Big Texas Party with beer, BBQ and tons of Whisky followed by THE CHAINSMOKERS at the pop-up Club Nomadic.

It was heaven and literally the most perfect night. The following morning, however… And I had to get ready for pt. 2 of Club Nomadic: Bruno Mars! I needed to rally.

But then I had a thought! ThrIVe. It’s a (sorta) new-to-Houston concept that offers various drip treatments (and cryotherapy and other things). They have something called the “Party Drip,” and it was exactly the thing that I wanted to put in my body to make the madness stop. ThrIVe, you had me at:

Instantly reverse your hangover with a high dose of fluids and vitamins that rehydrate and detoxify cells, plus anti-inflammatory, anti-nausea and acid reflux meds that alleviate headaches and distress.

Yes, please.

Nine things to know before you go to ThrIVe Drip Spa:

  1. It works. Let’s start with the basics, shall we? I noticed a difference right away. I felt heavy with fluids. I felt like they were right up to my eyes. I also felt better. Bring on round two, Bruno.
  2. There’s more than just the Party Drip. While I associate ThrIVe with hangover remedies, there are several other drips from a skin pick me up to a libido solution. There’s also cryotherapy — so in right now.
  3. It’s slightly outside the loop. ThrIVe is located at Chimney Rock and I10 (north side of the intersection), which is just past the 610 loop, but barely. It’s by Big Yoga!
  4. It’s kinda pricey. Drips are about $180, which isn’t exactly a weekend treat. More like a spring for it when you’re desperate af. There is a membership program you can ask about that knocks it down to about $100.
  5. It’s super legit — nurse included. OK, so yeah. I told my mom I did this, and she seemed super concerned. “You just went to a spa and someone stuck a needle in you??” I guess I waited a little too long in the convo to tell her that oh yeah these people are nurses. Mine actually knew her stuff.
  6. Come in unmedicated. I know, after a wild night, your instinct is to pop some advil. Resist. I had (oops) so I had to get an alternative boost — B12. Anyways, wait for the good stuff! But if you did succumb to take a couple throughout the day, be honest with your nurse.
  7. It takes about 30-45 minutes. Mine actually only took 30 minutes. I was thirsty. (ew)
  8. There are needles. Duh. If needles aren’t your thing, you won’t do well here. I will say that I found it easy to put it out of my mind. Hello instagram.
  9. It works now AND later.  So the thing is, it helps you recover AND preemptively protects you from your next hangover. Which I had the following day. And which was not bad at all. THANKS, THRIVE!

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