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10 Reasons to Take Your Bridal BFF to the I Do Soiree

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I’m at that age, y’all. That age where I go to a lot of weddings. I’ve already been to several, and I have two super special ones coming up this year. While it’s safe to say I’m quite far from any altar, I’ve planned a few bachelorettes and have searched “wedding venues in Houston” a little too frequently for a single gal. I have this huge need to help my friends in this super stressful process, and I’ve become a sorta expert — as my mom reminds me and constantly consults me when she’s planning things for my brother’s wedding in April.

Meanwhile, one of my closest friends (and coworker!) has been in panic mode planning her wedding in December. But I’ve found a fun way to give her all the help she needs: I’m taking her to the Weddings in Houston I Do! Soiree at The Corinthian on Feb. 28 from 6 to 9 pm.

Honestly, I’m not the bride but I’m pumped for this event. I’m excited about the food and the fun — but most of all, I’m excited for how much it’ll help my bridal BFF in her wedding planning stress.

10 reasons to take your engaged friend to the Weddings in Houston I Do! Soiree

1. You’ll have fun yourself.


Let’s start with the selfishness aspect, shall we? A. You get major kudos for being the friend to take a bride to wedding paradise. B. You get to partake in the event itself, meaning all the sips, bites, freebies — you name it. C. What else are you doing on a Tuesday?

2. Two words: Swag bags.

Weddings in Houston partnered with Houston brands to create some fun gifts for attendees. Think: Wine Wipes, Sheet Masks from Peach & Lily, Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist and more!

3. Food for thought.

Jackson and Company, which is the exclusive caterer for The Corinthian, will have delicious food pairings that you can actually get for your own wedding. You’ll get to have a taste of all the different options.

4. They let you eat cake.


Don’t fill up on the beef taco poptarts, because you’re going to want to taste all the cake vendors’ masterpieces. Both the Dessert Gallery and Susie’s Cakes and Confections will be there, cake at the ready.

5. Boys ARE allowed.

But you can ditch them in the Groom’s Lounge, where there will be tons of manly things for them to do like drink beer and talk about sports. JK, but more deets to come!

6. It’s kind of a steal.

If you buy tickets online ahead of the event it’s only $25. At the door it’ll jump to $30, which is still a steal.

7. Dance, dance.

Need that perfect wedding band or DJ? Several will be showcased at the event. Or, if nothing else, you can practice your moves on the dance floor.

8. Shop til you drop.

Among the 50+ vendors featured at the event are bridal shops, jewelry and more! You can peruse or purchase — whatever your heart desires.

9. Do it for the Insta photo.

There will be tons of wedding photographers there, so you can meet them all and pick yours if you are in the market! PLUS, If you buy tickets by Friday, Feb. 17 at 11:59 p.m., you/your friend is entered to win an engagement photoshoot with Adam Nyholt.

10. You could go for free!

We’re doing an Instagram giveaway, so check out the post below:

Follow along online to find out about all the vendors!

All images copyright Weddings in Houston/ I Do! Wedding Soiree All Rights Reserved

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