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Bosscat: Your New River Oaks Whiskey Bar

I’m definitely a cat person… and, after visiting Bosscat Kitchen and Libations, I’d say even more so.

The new River Oaks restaurant is off Westheimer, just inside 610 before you get to Highland Village. You might even miss it (like I did) and have to perform a v illegal U-Turn to get back to it (like I did). Once finally there, the space is great! (Sorry, no shots! It was SO dark :/)

Here’s what I ate and drank at the new Bosscat Kitchen!


Let’s start with the most important thing, shall we? The whiskey bar has a lot of drinks with, you guessed it, whiskey. Here’s what all we tried.

  • THE BOSSCAT: Basil Hayden, Citrus, Bitters, Rosemary. This one is a real winner. It’s not too sweet, but it’s not too sour. It’s the baby bear of cocktails.
  • BOSS LADY, VOL. 2: Wild Turkey Bourbon, Blackberry, Citrus Infused Syrup, Thyme. I will forever wonder what happened to Vol. 1, but I like to think it was as good as volume 2. I didn’t order a second of Boss Lady just because I thought it was a tad too sweet, but you might be into that kind of thing.
  • BC SWEET TEA: Old Forester Bourbon, Bird Dog Peach, House Infused Sweet Tea, Mint, Lemon. I SUCKED THIS SUCKER DOWN. Which is both good and bad. Definitely tastes like tea, so don’t order if you don’t like tea. I love tea. This was amazing.
  • BC LEMONADE: Tito’s Vodka, Fresh Lemon, Southern Peppers, Bubbles. Mmm, refreshing. This guy is the opposite of the tea in that if you don’t like lemonade (or find it too sour/sweet, like me), you might like this!


We started with the Bosscat version of poutine, which has pork belly, okra, cheese, and, uh, some other fun stuff! It was kind of hard to eat, and if you’re on the fence about pork belly, skip it. The fries were kind of buried, but good once I found them!

We also shared a spinach and goat cheese salad (spinach, goat cheese, dates, candied pecans, carrots, balsamic). It was good, but I burnt myself out on spinach salads a few years ago, so I might not be the best person to make the call. Loved the pecans!

The main course was a tough decision. In the end we went for the most impossibly tall burger and the shrimp and grits. While the burger was identified as “the best burger ever eaten), I didn’t get a bite (probs because it was too good to share). I got the grits and was pleasantly surprised. Rather than TOO cheesy, they were Cajun-y. I ate some bites (was super full already, and was saving for dessert) and took the rest home. Later when I ate it I wrote a love poem for it. SO GOOD. The grits.. not the poem.


This is the best dessert I’ve ever had. I know that’s really a big statement, but I’m serious. The red velvet churros were just perfection. Not too sweet or heavy, I could eat the churros plain, but the addition of the cream cheese sauce absolutely put it over the edge. I split this, but could have eaten two full orders.

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