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Get on a Roll at Discovery Green’s The Rink

It’s not winter but you can still skate at Discovery Green. For March, Downtown Houston has a roller rink! It’s, uh, fun, but not for everyone, I have learned. While I didn’t fall once (tiny victory), I won’t be winning any awards. The Rink is super cool and fun for a pre-dinner activity or a date night โ€” just maybe not a post-happy hour activity? Don’t drink and roll, Houston.
Ten things to know before you go to Discovery Green’s The Rink
  1. First and foremost you need to know that The Rink is only open until April 21! Get there before it’s gone!
  2. Entry is $12 and includes shoes, but no safety gear. BYO…SG? Socks are $3 if you forgot!
  3. The floor isn’t smooth. It’s little tiles, so it’s kind of hard to gain momentum.
  4. No blades. Just skates. Turns out I suck at skating. I need blades!
  5. There’s no music? Not sure if this is true for every day, but when we got there, there was a zumba class so there was zumba music. After the class, the music was gone. There is no music. I will provide the music. La la la la la laaaaa.
  6. You will be one of the few adults. You will witness kids get yelled at by their parents and even slapped โ€” no joke. So awkward.
  7. Watching people fall might be more entertaining. These kids eat it and get right back up again. So cute!
  8. There is a concession stand! In case you’re famished slash throw in the towel before your friends.
  9. I will not judge you for only making it around once. I mean, I totallyyy made it around dozens of times. But if you want to go around once then retire from roller skating forever, understood.
  10. Brasserie du Parc and MKT Bar are just across the street and have wine and food for you.

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