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My Love Affair with Presidio Fries and Brunch

I’m definitely a salty over sweet kinda person. I’d much rather eat fries than brownies aaaall day. I’m a big fan of the crunchy shoe string fries at Max’s Wine Dive, the crazy mountain of Vietnamese fries at Boheme, the cheese fries (hold the bacon) at Doc’s Motorworks and of course any greasy, messy, late-night food truck fry that I can find at 2am in Midtown (sorry I don’t remember the name, it was 2am in Midtown).

However, the horizon of my Houston fry obsession has just expanded a little bit. Let me introduce you to Presidio. This airy patio garden restaurant opened up earlier this year. I’ve been twice and both times the fries were a must and definitely one of the best decisions that I’d made. They’re slightly pickled (I KNOW) and *wait for it* twice fried. They’re served with a homemade aioli and ketchup, which are nice accruements but those fries are so dang good you need nothing more. The serving size is also massive–perfect for sharing with four people like we did at brunch or two people (yolo, more for me!) like I did with my brother.

My most recent flirtation with these amazeball fries was at Presidio brunch over the weekend. To be fair, I’m not sure if Presidio actually classifies as a formal brunch spot. It doesn’t have typical brunch hours or a menu technically dedicated to brunch.

It opens at noon on Sundays and has this little mini menu with pastries, breakfast tacos, and some meager brunch-esque entrees to accompany their normal menu. TBH the late opening worked out perfect for us late risers who want to brunch on Sunday but don’t want to a) set an alarm at 10am to get a table at some trendy hot spot (*cough* Field & Tides *cough*) or b) show up at noon somewhere and have a 1.5 hour wait (looking at you Snooze).

The brunch menu (I’m going to call it that) has a variety of plates that start of small and then grow in size. My friends all got a breakfast tacos–which cost only $3.50 each and are MASSIVE. Presidio offers mushroom, brisket and potato tacos to choose from. I went for the avocado toast and was not disappointed.

I overpaid for a meager avocado toast at Bebidas the other day and tried out a one at Pax Americana which came with eggs and salmon, so I get that I’m paying a premium for this trendy af, bougie dish, but every bite of that $14 entree was well worth it. It was a huge portion and I could have stopped eating halfway in but it was so good I couldn’t not.

The red flag on calling this late breakfasty meal “brunch” is the fact that they don’t have mimosas or Bloody Mary’s on their extensive cocktail menu. Obviously we ordered them anyways and they were delightful but Presidio is in denial about the meal they’re serving at noon on Sunday.

Anyways! What was crazy when we went was about halfway into the meal, a random server came up to inform us that the chef broke his arm and his girlfriend (who was our initial server) is taking him to the hospital now. Uh what. So sure enough a few minutes later an ambulance showed up and they carted him off! The kitchen shut down quickly after that and the restaurant closed for the rest of the afternoon. We were informed that any potatoes that were ordered with our meals (in the tacos, on the side) would not be coming because that was his station.

Whaaattt. Hopefully the chef is recovering fine and his arm gets healed quickly! But let me just say I’m quite grateful that we got our fries when we did!  Definitely one of the most eventful brunch stories I’ve had in a while. Have you ever been to Presidio? What do you think?

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