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10 Things to Eat at Moxie’s

moxie's houston

Rejoice, those Houston transplants from America’s top hat! This Canadian chain has landed in Houston’s Galleria Area and has quickly become a great spot for lunch, happy hour or late night weekend drinks. Seriously, think club meets huge menu full of yum food. Like, all the TVs and menu size as a Chili’s, but 1000 times better food and atmosphere.

I’ve been to Moxie’s a few times now, and I very much understand the variety of the menu now. And I’m here to tell you what you should order at my new fave Canadian spot.


Obviously. This is all Canadians eat, right? Fries with gravy and cheese — basically anything you ever want in life. If you didn’t get Poutine, did you even go to Moxie’s?? Answer: No. We paired this with a tripel beer from Quebec. It was v strong but perf for the fries!

Sushi Cones

Moxie’s has no shortage of interesting foods. This sushi cone thing was amazing. The cone was seaweed. I think you get three per order. Paired with a cava (sparkling wine) from Spain.

Tableside Guac

My first visit to Moxie’s, I thought, “Oh, how happy these Canadians must be to finally be in a market with access to avocados to be able to do tableside guac!” Well, turns out they have tableside guac in all their locations, but they definitely have better avocados here. Speaking off, try the Avocado gimlet. It tastes so good and will be the weirdest thing you have all night.

Stuffed Baked Potato

Despite being pretty stuffed, I ate an ENTIRE stuffed baked potato. It’s basically like if you made a yum baked potato, put all the fixins in, then blended it up, put it back in its potato skin and baked again. Boom. Perfection.

Kale and Quinoa Salad

Not gonna lie, the salads took a back seat to me, but I did grab a bite of this one. Def recommend for a light lunch that’s still yum.

Seared Steak Salad

Another great lunch classic. This is one of the restaurant’s top salads. The steak is super flavorful. All the guilt-free elements of a salad, but plenty of yumminess of solid meal.

Fish Tacos

Moxie’s has the tiniest little fish tacos (you get a few per order) and it was surprisingly good — packed a lot of flavor in that two-bite taco. Pair with the mini iceberg, a miller light beer topped with lime slush. It was surprisingly delicious.

Grilled Ahi Tuna

I’m the biggest tuna fan. Idk when it happened, but here I am. Seared to perfection, and fall apart with only a fork. I could have eaten only thissssss…..

Lobster Tails

At some point in our media tasting, (course 4/5) I realized there were lobster tails? Just had like, appeared on our table? What a magical thing to have happened. I don’t even love lobster and theirs had me taking a few bites.

Sticky Toffee Pudding

So, I had thought lately that I was off sweets. Just sweets are never as good as you expect them to be so not worth the calories. HOWEVER, the Sticky Toffee Pudding was 1000% worth every damn calorie. It was like cake with candy nuts on top. Plus, the server pours a carmel concoction over the slice. *this is what dreams are made of* Pair with a Canadian ice wine — the grapes are frozen then pressed, so the only juice that comes out is super sweet, since all the water is frozen in the pressing process. Magic. Sweetest wine you’ll ever have.

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  1. i drive past Moxies at least four times a week and it has me intrigued. Glad to get some info on it. Looking forward to trying it.

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