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The Truth about Triangl Swim Suits

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Y’all I did something that I haven’t done in a long time–cave into the latest fashion trend. In general, I’m a saver, not a spender–unless it’s on travel or a luxurious brunch. In the fashion world, I’m all about classic pieces and reusing old items in new ways. That was until Triangl swim suits started blowing up my Instagram feed. I haven’t gotten a new suit in a while and decided it was time to freshen up my summer wardrobe and join the Triangl wearing, fashion-blogging, summer loving crew of Instagramers.

Here’s what I learned about ordering and wearing a Triangl suit:

Triangl is based in some far off country. The company is run by Australians and based in Jersey, Channel Islands off the coast of France. This is probably why the first site that comes up on Google is the international one. So be careful! If you’re looking to ship to the US, be sure to navigate to the US site because it won’t let you pay on the other one!

The name is annoying AF. Why did you have to chop off the e? Whyyyy???!

You can’t mix and match. This annoyed me when I was searching, because I found the cutest top and wanted a different bottom but all the sets are prearranged. After literally hours of deliberation, I happily decided on the Missy – Summer Fling.

You have to pay $20 flat rate for shipping. It comes via FedEx and arrives quite quickly. I purchased mine on Saturday night and they delivered it on Wednesday. They needed a signature for the order though, so be sure to check your front door and see if FedEx left a signature slip. But if you’re in a rush to find something for the upcoming weekend, this suit might be a good option!

The bikini tops are smaller than expected. As a well-endowed woman, I’m generally pretty particular with my tops but took a risk with the  Small ++ because the website said it was designed for people with smaller under-bust and bigger bust. The band fit well, but the triangles (as expected) are a tad small. Luckily, the straps are adjustable so I can tighten them in such a way that I’m not in danger of falling out.

The fabric is the same fabric you’d find on a wetsuit. The website is pretty clear that every suit is made of their signature neoprene fabric, but I was still surprised to see/feel it in person when it came in the mail. I’m into it because the suit is pretty fashionable, but clearly durable. After playing water polo for 8 years, I can appreciate a sporty, but cute swimsuit.

The suit comes with a matching bag! Seeing the bag in the package was such a pleasant surprise when it came in the mail. It’s the perfect size for a swim bag to toss in sunglasses, coconut oil, and a magazine. The bag is made of that same neoprene fabric, so it can get wet and dry quickly no problem.



Triangl Swim Suit Buying Guide



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