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Heights Bier Garten vs. King’s BierHaus

If someone is asking about that new German beer place in the Heights, they could be talking about one of two places. Heights Bier Garten and King’s BierHaus both popped up around the same time and just down the street from one another, so it’s OK to be a little confused.

King’s BierHaus is the new sister location to King’s BierGarten and Restaurant in Pearland. It’s a bit different of a concept, but same thing: German food and beer.

Meanwhile, Heights Bier Garten is a sister location to Wooster’s Garden in Midtown. It’s also super different — and Heights is MUCH bigger — but same focus on craft cocktails.

Patio: Tie.

I love a good patio, and both spots do it right. Heights Biergarten is basically just a patio with two small bars that are open to the outside. King’s has a significant inside, but a large, enclosed patio (complete with little water feature and bridge).

Dog friendly: Heights Bier Garten

For those dog-lovers, the list ends here. See y’all and your pups at Heights Bier Garten.

Beer: King’s BierHaus

King's Bierhaus

King’s Bierhaus

This might be controversial, because Heights Bier Garten has an amazing beer list…. SO I AM TOLD. When I went on a Saturday night circa midnight, there were apparently 0 beers available. I ordered 4 or 5 before finding one that was apparently still in stock. The bartender seemed frustrated and annoyed and didn’t really offer any good suggestions. She said it was late and had been a really busy night, but in what world would you be out of, like, half your beers?! This probably wasn’t the norm but it still left a bad, beer-less taste in my mouth.

Meanwhile, King’s had allllll the German beers and they were cheap and HUGE. (Seriously, drink fast before it gets warm).

Cocktails: Heights Biergarten

Just like Wooster’s Garden, Heights Bier Garten’s cocktail bar, called Worcester’s Annex, is slow, but meticulous. Honestly, I typically head for the beer/wine bar for this reason, but I would definitely recommend getting one of the craft cocktails to start.

Logistics: Tie

Each spot has its trade offs when it comes to your logistical needs. Heights Bier Garten is open late, while King’s closes at midnight (found that out the hard way). Meanwhile, King’s has a huge parking lot, while you might want to just Uber to Heights Bier Garten , since there is only street parking.

I was also really impressed with King’s food ordering, although it was a little confusing. You can order at the counter right when you walk in, then you get a number and find your table. We had a group that got there before us, so we were told to just join them. We had a server come to the table to take our order instead. Also, they have these amazing, high-tech tablets that they take orders on and take your payment on. AKA, no server leaving to god knows where with your credit card. It’s done right in front of you. Behold, the future.

Swings: Heights Bier Garten

Heights Biergarten

Heights Biergarten

Oh. My. Gosh. Heights Bier Garten has not one, not two, but three types of swings to choose from.

PSA. King’s also has swings, just fewer. It’s more of a bierhaus feel, with large wood tables inside and out.


Food: King’s BierHaus

I had read that Heights Bier Garten’s  food was super good, but nothing really impressed me — it’s a drinks only type of place for me. They have some good German bites and the sausages are very interesting, but you have to order at the counter, and then eat outside, which in Houston during July is a bit of a punishment.

Meanwhile, at King’s a whole menu awaits. From the yum pretzel appetizer to designing your best wurst. My favorite was the spicy Inglorious Bastard that has buffalo sauce and jaeger mushrooms.

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  1. King’s BierHaus allows dogs when I visited a couple weeks ago. What I saw is that individuals had to walk their dog through the restaurant. People may want to call and ask but there were at least 5 or 6 dogs when I visited.

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