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The Best [and the Worst] Twisted Shotz Flavors

Twisted Shotz, America’s first shooter brand for women, is coming to Houston this summer and spreading their mantra, “Women call the shotz!” Lolz. Cheesy mantra, delicious shots. It’s Not Hou had a chance to get twisted in style (aka by watching the season premiere of The Bachelorette). The shotz come in little plastic shot glasses with a divider down the middle so you get two flavors in one sip.


After much trial, error, spillage and success we’ve nailed down the steps to taking the perfect Twisted Shotz:

  • Step one: Pull foil off. Warning: It gets harder to do the more shots you take…bet you my mom designed this.
  • Step two: Open your mouth wide. Or in the wise words of @caramichelle92 like a damn blow fish.
  • Step three: Put shot into mouth, taking care that the the divider thing is in the middle. Otherwise you will spill. And it won’t be cute.
  • Step four: Repeat until you can make a sizable pyramid with your shotz

After trying out a 11 different flavors, here’s a definitive ranking of the best [and the worst] of Twisted Shotz and what we thought of them.

  1. Porn Star: Raspberry Vodka and Blue Curacao. Tastes like raspberry! No need for a chaser. By far the best one. But like I can never order this at a bar… On a scale of one to porn star how to you feel? This is what it feels like?!
  2. Miami Vice: Strawberry Daiquiri and Pina Colada. How do I take it? Open up your mouth like you’re a damn blowfish! Ugh so effing delish.  It was actually pretty good even though it was in my mouth for like 30 seconds…
  3. Screaming O: Almond and Coffee Cream. Mandatory post-shot scream. Oh to be a fly on the wall… its actually pretty good. Clearly these shots are marketed towards women.
  4. Rattlesnake: Tequila and Lime Liquor.For those that like tequila. That is DAMN good.
  5. Root Beer Flirt: Root Beer Liquor and Vanilla Vodka with Cream. Doesn’t taste like root beer but it’s sweet…? Hehehe the name.
  6. Strawberry Sundae: Strawberry and Vanilla Vodka. it was ummm creamy. like a melty strawberry sundae that someone had soaked in vodka for a couple of days…not that I have done that or anything….
  7. Whipped Chocolate: Whipped Cream Vodka with Chocolate Liquor. Tasted like Baileys but like chocolatey. Or like coffee creamer! Man I’ve been taking shots wrong my entire life but I didn’t know it!
  8. Midnight Mocha: Coffee and Chocolate. Mocha like me…
  9. Buttery Nipple: Butterscotch Vodka and Vanilla Cream Vodka. Tasted likely butter scotch and vanilla…It was uh something. My nipples are instantly buttery now…
  10. Sex on the Beach: Banana and Pear Liquor and Cream Liquor. Do I chase with wine?No I’m pretty sure it’s a “girl” shot in basically every way….aka Doesn’t feel like a shot AT ALL.
  11. Polar Bear: White Chocolate and Peppermint. It’s like alcoholic mint chocolate ice cream. It’s like half and half. It’s weird. Uh uh. no. EW NO NO NO NO. UGH. Ugh its so creamy and grosss *thats what she said* 

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