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The Ultimate Guide to Pilates Studios in Houston

Hoping on the fitness train for your New Year’s resolution? New to the city and want to find a Pilates studio that makes you feel like home? Good news Houston! If you live inside the loop and want to join a Pilates studio, there’s likely like five walking distance from your place and I’m doing my best to filter down and determine which Pilates studios are the best in Houston!

Since there are legit SO MANY Pilates studios in Houston, my initial scope of study will be limited to studios within the 610 loop with reformer machines and have a top rating on Google or Yelp.

Own a Pilates studio? Send us an email (! We’d love to join a class!

Many of the classes listed below focus around reformer machines. It’s a bit difficult to describe the magic that happens on a reformer machine in a Pilates class, but basically, a reformer is a board about the size of a yoga mat that’s connected to a bunch of springs and slides back and forth. The difficulty depends on the number of springs you’ve got attached and what color they are. Pilates classes takes normal workout moves–likes lunges, crunches, and bicep curls–and layers on levels of difficulty by incorporating movement from the reformer machine that tests your stability and balance. By adding in props like weights, balls, straps, and mats, the result is a full body workout that targets individual muscles that you didn’t realize you had.

“In 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference, in 20 you’ll see the difference, and in 30 you’ll have a new body,” Joseph Pilates.

A typical class alternates between exercises on one leg, building it up till you tremble and layering in ab exercises and arm movements. I always imagine a Pilates class like climbing a ladder. You go up and up and up till you can’t anymore on one side and then you return the way you came. So after you do all the exercises on one side of the body, instructors typically have you reverse and and hit everything on the opposite side to even out. Prepare to be sore post-class, despite the effortless and graceful facade of the movements.

*COVID Note: I’ve reached out to all the studios and crowd sourced information from followers on what social distancing measures and cleaning measures are in place and how comfortable people feel. Most studios have detailed sections about COVID precautions on their websites. Go there for latest information. I’ve called out the notable safety measures in each section below. I didn’t include things like “cleaning machine after class” because they should have all be doing that before COVID anyways!

Below in alphabetical order are the top Pilates studios in Houston based on the collective experience of It’s Not Hou It’s Me visits and research:

713 Pilates

  • Colors: Olive Green
  • Location: Montrose
  • Number of reformers: 7
  • Class Length: 55 minutes
  • Price:3 Pack for $60 / $30 Drop-In Class / $275 Unlimited Monthly Pass
  • What makes it different:  The instructors at 713 Pilates are extensively trained and technical which enables them to tailor classes towards clients who are prenatal and postnatal, post-surgical, have scoliosis, osteoporosis, post-injury, assist in injury prevention and sports specific conditioning. The studio has 7 Allegro Balanced Body Reformers and 7 Peak Pilates Wunda Chairs, and one Allegro Balanced Body Tower Reformer as well. If you’ve never done Pilates before, the reformer machine can be quite the challenge to get your bearings around, so they suggest a $50 private class to get oriented.
  • COVID Considerations: Clients and instructors wear masks for the duration of the class.
  • Check out their website. 

Body Rock Pilates

  • Colors: Orange and Black
  • Location: Garden Oaks
  • Number of reformers: 9
  • Class Length: 50 minutes
  • Price: 3 for $39 New Client Special / $30 Drop-In Class / $199 Unlimited Monthly Pass
  • What makes it different: Opened in 2013 this studio has been around for a minute and offers variety of classes from traditional reformer classes to hybrid ones with cardio, barre, and jump boards. If you’re into variety and challenges, this would be a good studio to try out. The jump board classes are particularly challenging–and popular–and regularly sell out! Another perk is that Body Rock offers child care during their classes.
  • COVID Considerations: Machines are spaced 6 feet apart. Extra filtration added to the AC unit.
  • Check out their website. 

Boost Pilates

  • Colors: Light Blue and White
  • Location: West U, River Oaks, Heights
  • Number of reformers: 11, 12
  • Class Length: 50 minutes
  • Price: 4 for $40 New Client Special / $30 Drop-In Class / $240 for 20 Classes per Month
  • What makes it different: Despite having a lot of reformers, the space in this Pilates studio in Houston remains cozy and intimate. The class I took was challenging and left my abs and some weird muscle that I didn’t even know I had in my butt sore. Boost incorporates a plethora of props into the routine like ring, weights, bar, rubber ball, rubber band, and ankle weights. There is also no differentiation between the classes online. This lack of distinction is intentional because they don’t want to discourage people from trying out the class (i.e. avoiding advanced classes or not wanting to go to a beginner one). People of all abilities attend the classes and the instructors tailor the classes accordingly to ensure everyone is challenged and safe. Expect fun music and the sweetest instructors!
  • COVID Considerations: Machines may be less than 6ft apart. Temp checks at arrival. Things kept at reformer, not cubbies.
  • Read more here!

Citizen Pilates

  • Colors: Black and Turquoise
  • Location: The Heights, Woodland Heights, Garden Oaks
  • Number of reformers: 7
  • Class Length: 45 minutes
  • Price: 3-Pack $59 / Monthly Pass starting at $119
  • What makes it different: Citizen Pilates is my latest obsession and I’ve been in love with the large amount of early morning and late night class times that the two Pilates studios in the Houston Heights offer. Everything is timed in segments of 30-60 seconds depending on the activity. You do lots of lunges and squats with toes raised sliding the carriage open and closed while keeping one foot on the stationary platform. There’s some arm work using the straps and occasional weights, and always a good abs session. Planks on planks on whole body shaking planks. I can always find parking in the lot (which is clutch because I’m always running late from work) and even know some people who run up the Heights Blvd. running trail to make it to class! Background music is energetic and instructors wear a mic to lead the class.
  • COVID Considerations: All machines spaced min 6′ apart with individual cleaning stations at each reformer. All employees are masked up during classes with daily wellness checks. Offering Mask Mandatory classes for those looking for a little extra COVID coverage.
  • Read more here!
citizen pilates hieghts boulevard houston

Club Pilates

  • Colors: White and Blue
  • Location: 8 Locations across Houston including West U, Heights, River Oaks
  • Number of reformers: 10-12
  • Class Length: 45 minutes
  • Price: First Class Free / $29 Drop-In Class / $199 Unlimited Monthly Pass
  • What makes it different: Classes are ranked 1 (Foundation), 1.5 (Progression), 2 (Evolution), and 2.5 (Mastery), so you can find a class that matches your desired challenge level. To get to mastery, you’re required to have 3 months of practice at the Level 2 Evolution before they recommend you join the class. Club Pilates uses standard reformers and has additional machine attachments on the wall for complementing exercises for arms and abs.
  • COVID Considerations: Guaranteed 6 feet of distance between machines. Temperature check at the door. West U is only booking 10 out of 12 reformers to maintain distance.
  • Website

Control Studios

  • Colors: Pink and Olive Green
  • Location: River Oaks
  • Number of reformers: 5
  • Class Length: 50 minutes
  • Price: $40 for 10 Days Unlimited New Client Special / $30-42 Drop-In Class / $450 Unlimited Monthly Pass
  • What makes it different: Trained by the OG “elders” of the Pilates world who worked with Joseph Pilates himself, Control Studios focuses on classical training with an experimental approach with the Gratz Universal Reformer and Tower and Wunda Chair. Control offers private and semi-private classes for Core Control (mat off the Reformer), Control Full Studio (Reformer and Tower), and Vinyasa yoga to stretch as an outlet for all the work  you do during class. The studio vibe is distinct from other studios with warm natural light, Bohemian rugs and fresh plants. Expect your breath instead of loud pumping music to drive the exercise movements. They also offer “Open Studio” hours when you can go do your own workout after you complete a 3 hour workshop to get trained on the machines.
  • COVID Considerations: Clients and instructors wear mask the entire time. Windows are opened and fans turned on to circulate air.
  • Read more here!

Defy Pilates

  • Colors: Yellow and White
  • Locations: Bellaire
  • Number of reformers: 10
  • Class length: 50 minutes
  • Price: 5 for $50 New Client Special / $30 Drop-in Class / No Unlimited Month but $250 for 25 classes
  • What makes it different: Defy Pilates was the first Pilates studio in Houston I ever tried, so it’s got a soft spot in my heart for kicking the door open for me into the reformer world and kicking my butt. The instructors are intimidatingly gorgeous, the music loud and bumping, and the classes challenging. As with anything, the longer a studio is open, the more advanced the students are and the more challenging the classes get to account for the progression levels. While they always offer modifications during classes, Defy always has imaginative routines that has my muscles shaking. In addition to standard All-Level classes, they also have Jumpboard and Advanced classes.
  • Read more about my first class here (from their old Heights location)

DUO Coffee & Pilates

  • Colors: White and Black
  • Location: Montrose
  • Number of reformers: 5
  • Class Length: 45 minutes
  • Price: $35 Drop-In Class / $295 for 10 Classes
  • What makes it different: The space has a mix of yoga, reformer pilates, and (of course by the name), a coffee shop. Similar to yoga classes, the pilates classes are broken down into beginner, flow and power based on the level of advancement. The studio opened January 2020, so if you’re new to Pilates this one could be a good one to join as they’ll definitely be catering to newbies to grow their studio.
  • COVID Considerations: Masks required at all times during classes. Limited class size to 5 for Pilates (9 for yoga). Masks required in the cafe (they have outdoor seating).
  • Website

HIP Fitness

  • Colors: Orange and Grey
  • Location: West U, River Oaks
  • Number of reformers: 10
  • Class Length: 45 minutes
  • Price: $69 2 Weeks Unlimited New Client Special / $35 Drop-In Class / $265 Unlimited Monthly Pass
  • What makes it different: If you’re ready to graduate from the reformer class, find your next challenge on the Megaformer at HIP Fitness is a unique pilates studio in Houston. This class is taught in the Lagree method, which means taking everyone of your muscles to failure — FAILURE, y’all. Each pose is slow and controlled, held for a few seconds or so, then quickly switching to the next exercise. Using the machine requires a lot of trust and muscle control. Expect to shake and move all around the machine. Every single muscle on your body will get a workout, and some will likely be sore for days. DAYS. We did lots of planks, lunges, squats, and even something called the mermaid, where you link your feet under a strap and lean back with your torso engaging your obliques. Casual. HARD.
  • COVID Considerations: TBD
  • Read more here!

Fyre Fitness

  • Colors: White and Black
  • Location: Heights
  • Number of reformers: 15
  • Class Length: 45 minutes
  • Price: 2 Weeks Unlimited $69 / $35 Drop-In Class / $199 Monthly Unlimited
  • What makes it different: Fyre Fitness has some of the most unusual and challenging fitness classes in town, including Megaformer LAGREE pilates and Versaclimber workouts. LAGREE focuses on time under tension for excruciatingly slow movements like lunges or squats that burn until your muscles give out. While VersaClimbers definitely aren’t pilates, it’s worthy to note that their cardio classes complements the strength training on the Megaformer for a balanced calorie burn.
  • COVID Considerations: Megaformers are staggered to be 7ft+ apart. No more than 10 people (including the instructor) in the studio.
  • Website

Method Pilates

  • Colors: Blue and White
  • Location: Rice Village, Montrose
  • Number of reformers: 8, 11
  • Class Length: 50 minutes
  • Price: $20 First Class / $35 Drop-In Class / $275 Monthly Unlimited
  • What makes it different: Sassy instructors crossed with bomb playlists and a strong community that celebrates birthdays and class milestones, makes for a great vibe. The owner has done Pilates all over the world and took all her favorite things and pieced them together to make her own Pilates studio in Houston. So you’ll find little touches of inspiration under each reformer that say clever things like “How deep is your lunge,” “You look good from this angle,” and “Get it right, get it tight!” So clever. So instagramable. Don’t miss out on the joint juice bar at the Rice Village location! While it depends on the instructor, the day, and the modifications you take, classes tend to be easier than Defy but more challenging than PostureFit.
  • COVID Considerations: Classes can max out at 11 people at peak times. Instructor doesn’t wear mask during class.
  • Read more here!


  • Colors: Purple and Grey
  • Location: Upper Kirby
  • Number of reformers: 6
  • Class Length: 50 minutes
  • Price: First Class Free / $28 Drop-In Class / No Unlimited Monthly Pass but 16 Classes for $352
  • What makes it different: Having opened in 2017, PosturFit reformer classes are bit more approachable and better for beginners–there’s not too many reps, and while it’s challenging you won’t sweat up a storm. They also offer barre classes if you want to switch it up. Their focus is to help people move better in all areas of their life, build overall strength and ease any chronic pain to stay active while aging. They tend to have an older clientele but all are welcome!
  • COVID Considerations: Only hosting 4 to a class for social distancing. Masks worn the entire class.
  • Read more here!

Re/forme LAGREE

  • Colors: Black and White
  • Location: Oak Forest
  • Number of reformers: 12
  • Class Length: 45 minutes
  • Price: 2 Classes $30 / $32 Drop-In Class / $160 Unlimited Monthly Pass
  • What makes it different: Re/forme uses a megaformer to do low impact workout with high intensity to help you build long and lean muscles with out putting any stress on your joints or spine. With the LAGREE method, they focus on slow twitch muscle fibers against the strength and resistance of this powerful machine. They have M3S megaformers (only place in Houston) which is expected to burn 500-800 calories per class.
  • COVID Considerations: 10 people max per class. Instructor wears mask the whole time. Everyone wipes machine down BEFORE and after class. No cubbies so you keep your stuff at your machine.
  • Check out their website.


  • Colors: Black and White
  • Location: Montrose
  • Number of reformers: TBD
  • Class Length: 55 minutes
  • Price: $40 Drop-In Class / No Unlimited Monthly Pass
  • What makes it different: STRETCH offers a variety of classes tailored to different experience levels. Look for Level 1 if you are a beginner or just prefer a slower paced class, while Level 2 will be taught at a faster pace and will build upon exercises learned in Level 1.  STRETCH is a multi-purpose studio that offers yoga and cycle classes as well. When you go, don’t miss out on the cool floral mural on the exterior building wall!
  • COVID Considerations: Temp checks upon arrival.
  • Check out their website.

The Studio Form

  • Colors: Pink and Black
  • Location: Washington Ave.
  • Number of reformers: 10
  • Class Length: 45 minutes
  • Price: First class $20 or First 3 classes $59 / $274 for 1 Month Unlimited
  • What makes it different: Studio Form is a donation based Lagree studio that donates $5 to a Houston charity with every class. Instead of the usual reformer, class is conducted on the Megaformer. The Megaformer has a carriage with springs and straps for varying intensities of resistance. The foot and hand placement is a bit different, but many of the moves are similar to a normal Pilates class. The difference with Lagree is that you do all the movements sloooowwly so you burn out your muscles. For example, my instructor would regularly have us sync up and do lunges in unison at a 5 count until everyone in class was shaking. The studio is located in a former art studio with a super cute waiting room to hang out. Lit by pink lights, all the Megateformer spots are marked by influential, inspiring women from Beyoncé and Mindy Kayling to Ellen Degeneres and even Elle Woods. Their faces are also on the $5 bills that you get after class to vote on which charity you want to donate too! Pro tip: make sure you get a reformer with a mirror spot! Get your first class for $15 with code “ANASTASIA”. To book, click on the 1 class series ($35) and enter the promocode at checkout!
  • COVID Considerations: All the machines are spaced out so that you’re 6ft+ apart and washed between classes. Instructors wear masks. I’ve been going to this studio since COVID and always feel safe here.
  • Check out their website.
The Studio Form Lagree Pilates houston
The Studio Form Lagree Pilates houston

To me the greatest defining factors in choosing a studio are: physical location, class time, and instructors. Once you find someone whose style you love between the music, their pace, and their workouts, you’re set. The best way to find your favorite studio is to get the sample week, take as many classes as you can with as many instructors as you can until you find someone that you jive with.

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Pilates Tips:

  1. You need grippy socks. You can get these online or at most Pilates studios.
  2. Wear tight leggings and a tight athletic shirt. You don’t want anything loose or hanging.
  3. Bring water and if you need a drink, do it. Everything moves fast, so there aren’t any specific water breaks.
  4. Eat light before. Unless you want that meal to make a reappearance–classes can be hard!
  5. Stretch after! Obviously.
  6. If these classes seem outside your price range, download the MindBody App (most of them use it) and check for daily specials for last minute class sign-ups. They regularly drop the price down to $15-$20 depending on the studio and the day.

Where do you do Pilates in Houston? What makes it your favorite?

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