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Breakfasting at the New Le Peep


Le Peep is one of those Houston things that us born-and-raised Houstonians take for granted, you know? It’s just always there for a casual breakfast or quick lunch. But an expanding River Oaks District threatened that longstanding Le Peep on Westheimer until it found a new spot just down the street. The new, swankier Le Peep is now right behind Eloise Nichols and Bosscat Kitchen.

Side note: My PARENTS ate at Le Peep when they were my age (!!!!). I just relearned the story. There was a club that was in the area called The Ritz (“It was like the Studio 54 of NYC” – direct quote from my mom). Anyways, my dad managed it and was such a hotshot (he was regularly on the local news ? for some reason? I won’t pretend to understand the late ’70s Houston news cycle.) Anyways, they would go to breakfast there after late nights at da club. Then, on my dad’s 60th birthday for a TBT, they went for breakfast. <3


Fast forward to 2017 when Le Peep reopened at its new location in River Oaks. The ginormous breakfast menu is pretty much the same as it’s always been — the owners said their loyal customers would raise hell if it changed too much — except for one thing: They got alcohol, beer and wine now, and…. MIMOSAs. Praise be.

We started with some waters and coffee for the table — because Le Peep hosts tons of business meetings, each table gets their own water carafes and coffee pots to insure minimal interruption from the wait staff. Also, Le Peep delivers the food freaky fast, y’all. Like, watch out Jimmy John’s; Le Peep is coming for your slogan. There are also some yum fancy coffee drinks to try too — even some with more than caffeine in ’em.

We also had the Texas-sized cinnamon roll — so decadent — balanced out with the parfait that’s also p good without the calorie guilt.


Another new thing about Le Peep is they introduced a new rotating menu item that has a throwback dish and a brand new one — like this churro waffles with bacon ribs (double fried ribs — tastes like bacon!). It was pretty good, but I gotta say that my favorite thing on the menu ever is the skillets! I got the Wanderer Skillet with fried eggs, cheese, potatoes, tomatoes, bacon and an english muffin. It was breakfast… then also my lunch later. So yum.

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Where do you love to indulge in a fancy breaky?

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