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Do Brunch the BCK Way

Brunch at BCK

What do you do when one of your all-time favorite brunch spots opens a sister restaurant down the street from where you live? You go on its SECOND day of serving brunch. BCK — the casual, cool sister to Bosscat Kitchen and Libations — is now serving brunch on Saturdays and Sundays and it’s everything I was hoping for and more.

The new restaurant’s focus is family recipes and food and cocktail adventures. You’ll find daring twists on comfort food classics and flavor pairings that you’re not used to seeing.

Brunch at BCK

The drinks

I was way too excited to be drinking at 11:30 am on a Sunday because if there’s one thing I know for sure is that the Bosscat family’s drinks pack a punch. More so, the custom cocktails the new BCK boasts are soooo yum looking. Unfortunately, the three in-house specialties were sold out (!!??) so I guess I gotta go back for drinks.

However, the robust cocktail menu was more than enough for us at brunch. Here’s what I tried.

  • Aperol Spritz: All I need in a good Aperol Spritz is the proper Aperol to Spritz ratio and served in the proper glassware. BCK nailed it.
  • The Flaming Hot Bloody Mary: Yes those are flaming hot cheetos you see there. Such a great bloody mary, says me, not typically known for enjoying bloody marys.
  • Hot Mess: I identified with this drink name, so I ordered it. It def has a kick to it, but it’s not overwhelming.
  • Mexican Mule: I’m pretty sure this is a mule made with tequila, and I think that’s inspired.

The food

This was one of those brunches where I got to try pretty much EVERYTHING — in the name of the blog! How else can I properly report to you, our incredible, brunch-loving readers what’s actually good?! Here’s what I ate, you’re welcome.

  • Breakfast Sammy: Scrambled egg, cheese, ham — cannot go wrong with this one!
  • PB&J Oatmeal: Wow, ok, y’all, I think this was my favorite thing??? The OATMEAL? Who am I. It was just so so so unbelievably good. Like, I can’t explain it. IF you like the nostalgia of the PB&J sandwich, you’ll love this.
  • Steak and Egg tacos: This will probably be my go-to brunch item for BCK. It was so yum and pretty similar to Bosscat’s lunch tacos I had a while back.
  • Cornbread Pancakes: Honestly, pretty dang yummy for what it sounds like. I enjoyed the fact that it wasn’t too sweet.
  • SOS: You’re hangover cure. Ground beef, country gravy on the most delectable toast (anything with the bread at BCK is yum!) with a fried egg.
  • Bananas Foster French Toast: Three words, “Toasted marshmallow fluff”
  • Sloppy Jose: Another inspired menu item. Sloppy Joe, meet guacamole.
  • Frito Pie Scramble: Amazing frito pie… with egg bc breakfast.
  • Apple Jacks Breakfast Bun: Because your childhood dreams CAN come true. So sweet, and I love the crunch the cereal adds!

Brunch at BCK

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