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But First, Let’s Brunch at a’Bouzy

We’re obviously big fans of brunch here at It’s Not Hou It’s Me. Like, obviously. So when we heard about But First Let’s Brunch — a meet up group that hosts brunches across Houston to encourage networking over mimosas, we were so in.

But First Let’s Brunch works kinda like a subscription service. You pay a monthly fee and then you get to sign up for 7-people brunch groups at fun restaurants. BFLB picks up the check on an appetizer or first round, but then you pay for your meal. Find a new bff or just have a great brunch!

This was my first brunch experience at a’Bouzy, and I was really pumped for it. They whole premise is retail-priced champagne and prosecco, rather than marked up (like MOST restaurants). I have heard the food is overpriced, but that’s not the case — at least for brunch.

We split a bottle that was around $24. Such a steal. If you wanna make it a mimosa, they’ll give you a little bottle of juice. Also, by the way, the yummiest popcorn is placed on every table. Tbh, how did I not eat it all?! So yum.

Then, I got to try the chicken and waffles and the eggs Benedict. The chicken was fried in a champagne batter. I couldn’t really taste that, but it was amazing. Also, the entre came with a side of scrambled eggs, so it was truly filling for $15! The eggs Benedict was disappointing after my half of the chicken and waffles. But still very good. The Canadian bacon was more like regular bacon (maybe it was??) so that was amazing. The side of potatoes was a bit small — they were so yum.

a’Bouzy is super cute, and I think I enjoyed it the most because of the lovely people I got to meet through But First Let’s Brunch! If you’re new to town or just need a new friend, this is definitely a great way to meet people and eat great food while you do it!

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