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A Houstonian’s Guide: Glamping in Bastrop, Texas

LCRA Airstream Bastrop

I’ve never been a camper, but I did rough it on a boat for a week in Croatia, so after that, I’ve been up for trying anything. Turns out, the “glamping” experience in Bastrop with LCRA Parks is far from roughing it, yet still comes with all the fun camping experiences and only just over 2 hours away from Houston!

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The park

LCRA Airstream Bastrop

While a little hard to find, Lake Bastrop Northshore Park is just off 71 near the Bastrop Buc-ee’s (yay!). You’re literally 10 minutes from civilization (aka an HEB and a Chickfila). However, once you’re on the property, you feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere (aka camping paradise).

The Airstream

LCRA Airstream Bastrop

The airstream is about the cutest thing ever. The first thing I did was open all the window coverings (bit trickier than expected). I realized that was a little dumb for showering/changing purposes, but then I subsequently realized that no one could actually see in through the windows. Natural lighting without sacrificing privacy — score!

All the airstreams have heating and air conditioning, but you need a lesson on turning them on, we discovered. As with the hot water — one cold shower later, I wish I would have taken that lesson…

The bed is surprisingly huge, and, while I don’t super recommend more than 2 ppl per unit, you can actually sleep another couple in the convertible common space.

Each airstream has its own name (ours was Loblolly, after the tree!) and its own twinkle lights, fire pit and grill. Full kitchen inside! Literally, no roughing it!

See inside:

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The experience

LCRA Airstream Bastrop

Can I glamp in an airstream every weekend? Like, let’s take this show on the road!

However, I started this by saying that I’m absolutely by no means a camper, so here are some highlights from this trip to further prove my inadequate camping skills.

  • After failing to figure out how to turn on the hot water, I impatiently took a cold shower, rather than figure it out. Brrrr
  • We didn’t know which heating setting to choose on the AC, so we just grabbed extra blankets. Brrr, pt 2.
  • At one point, we opened the door with all the lights on and alllll the light-loving bugs rushed into our camper. Didn’t make that mistake twice.
  • Speaking of bugs, we slept with a spider I think. He did not make his presence known until the morning. Guess how loud we screamed. Also guess how many times we attempted and failed to kill him. (Answer: At least twice for both.)
  • All we packed that was consumable was wine (priorities) with the intent to make a Buc-ee’s (not sponsored, but hmu, beaver) run after settling in.

So yeah, not very prepared. BUT, we got lucky. Upon arrival, we met a little German Shepherd named Bu, his owner and his friends who, when we told him of our food run plans, immediately invited us to dinner at his camper next door. Bc we can’t cook and are shameless, we said, “yes plz feed us.” We had THE BEST night with the two couples — shout out to them! They fed us burgers and we provided smores supplies and Buc-ee’s fudge (srsly, Buc-ee, let’s chat). We drank wine, ate smores and talked about all our jobs, our pets and our lives. Didn’t know how much I needed camping with strangers in my life until this night!

They then fed us breakfast tacos the next day, saving us from a bowl beaver nuggets. (Did u know I like Bucee’s?)

Would you spend a night in an airstream in a perfect park?

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