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Prohibition: 7 Things to Know Before You Go

Prohibition Supperclub & Bar is Houston’s very own downtown burlesque show, and the closest thing we’ll get to the Moulin Rouge. It’s great for bachelorettes, boozy brunches or, if you’re brave, date night. But, you must be warned: It’s pretty raunchy.

Here’s what you need to know before you go!

It’ll cost you.

Dinner and a show doesn’t come cheap. First, you got to buy a show ticket. These range from $30 to $75. You’re then required to actually eat — it’s a prix fixe menu that’s $45 for dinner. Brunch is $15-$30 for tickets, with mandatory $32 brunch buffet per person.

What you see (and what you don’t).

Burlesque shows can vary from theatre to theatre. Here to tell you Prohibition is equal parts sexy and impressive. Yes, there will be girls theatrically taking off their clothes, but also girls on a trapeze! Seriously, impressive. Just for clarification purposes, no actual private parts are shown. Bc I’m blushing, let’s just say any photo from Prohibition could be posted to Instagram without being flagged.

What 4th wall?

Performers do NOT stay on stage, by any means. We (and they) recommend liquid courage for the inevitable moment you are sat on, thrown a piece of clothing, or asked to show dirty photos on your phone (true story).

Supper part.

Yo, the food’s actually pretty good. Yeah, it’s a bit of a rip off (since it’s set prices), but it’s quality, for sure.

Different shows.

Each show runs for a little over a month, so there is some variety. Plus, there’s always two different shows with brunch vs. dinner.

Bitches Who Brunch.

Which brings be to brunch! We did this for Anastasia’s birthday. It was such a great bday idea! The show is hosted by Abby Caldabra, who’s hilarious. The brunch is delicious — tons of variety and even raw oysters (got enough to make it so I got my money’s worth).

Oyster Bar.

Speaking of oysters, Prohibition has a great bar at the front for pre- or post-show drinks and bites. Or, you know, because you like oysters.

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  4. cool beans. Thank you for posting this, I couldn;t figure out why I had to pay another $32 per person for the theater.

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