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10 Reasons to Treat Yourself at Hiatus Spa + Retreat

Over the past few years, I’ve fallen more and more in love with Hiatus Spa + Retreat with their many services and H-Circle membership perks. One thing I prioritize in my life is self-care, well-being and doing all things in moderation–work, exercise, food, sleep, etc. Incorporating Hiatus into my monthly routine, gives me the perfect excuse to have regular relaxation built into my wild life schedule. Hiatus is committed to offering everyone access to a lifestyle of regular relaxation and believe that taking care of yourself should be easy, affordable, and fun.

Here are just a few of the reasons why you should treat yourself and sign up for their H-Circle membership!

Disclaimer: I’m an ambassador for the brand, which means I get services comped, but also enables me to get to share cool things with you–like discounts on services. Call the spa and use code “AnaHCircle” to waive the registration fee when signing up for the membership! All opinions are my own!

10 Reasons to Take a Hiatus

  1. The H-Circle membership gives you access to a luxurious spa without the hefty price tag. You’re probably already spending this money at a spa-like place somewhere, but without all the fun spa perks. For only, $69 H-Circle spa subscription includes a credit for one Essential Service each month- choose from The Signature Massage, The Tailor-Made Facial, The One & Only Mani-Pedi, The Body Glow, Acupuncture, or The Body Wrap. Your credits can roll-over if you miss a month; you can cancel at any time; and your get all sorts of add-on perks like discounts at the store and upgraded services. PS waive the registration fee for the membership with the code “AnaHCircle”. Call the spa to sign up and save!!
  2. The location is clutch. Tucked away in Tanglewood, the Houston location location features fourteen treatment rooms, including a couple’s suite and hydrotherapy room, a nail therapy lounge with four zero-gravity chairs, an inviting relaxation area, and more. Plus, I’ve never once struggled to find parking–which gives me one less thing to worry about when I’m fighting rush hour traffic and running late for my appointment for work
  3. The robes are everything. Once you check in, get ready to check out and get cozy in a big comfy robe. Trust me, shedding your work cloths and slipping into a rode and slippers makes getting your nails done in soft lighting with mood music a million times better than a hectic nail salon in a strip mall.
  4. The spa experience is packed with little microcosms of joy. I get particularly excited about arriving early and having time to disconnect and leave my phone in a locker to spend some time in the relaxation room sipping on Aveda tea–for real, that tea is sooo good! Throughout the spa, you have all sorts of nuggets of luxury like going through an “aroma journey” and choosing which scent you want to experience throughout your service. Before each offering, you also get a foot bath which is so cleansing and sweet!The Signature Facial is personalized every time. I could get this service every month, because each time the esthetician carefully analyzes my skin and tailors the experience to my needs that month caused by imbalances and seasonal changes. Integrated aromatherapy, aromatic steam, lymphatic massage and acupressure techniques accompany this deeply relaxing, customized facial with products from Aveda, SkinCeuticals, Hydropeptide and more!
  5. You can’t find a service like Body Glow anywhere else! Want to look lit from within? In this 40-minute full-body renewal the entire body is polished with essential oils and dead sea salts to invigorate and cleanse, followed by a rejuvenating rainfall  Vichy shower in the hydrotherapy room. I’ve upgraded and done the Turkish Delight before and it was refreshing af and took me back to my days in Morocco (read about Morocco spas here!).  The Body Glow is a must for winter to exfoliate and get rid of all the dead skin cells. Click here to read my full post about Body Glow.
  6. The massages are the best value and top-notch quality. For real, if you want to get a massage anywhere else you can spend $150+ at a hotel spa or a comparable price point at a massage chain that feels like a doctor’s office. However, Hiatus gives you that beautiful in between with an elevated spa-like experience (robes!!!!) with a totally manageable price of just $69! I always get the deep tissue massage after I run the Houston Half Marathon, and the massage is always a go-to gift for pretty much everyone in my life–boyfriend, boss, mother, etc.
  7. You can take a nap and get your nails done at the same time. I can only imagine what supermodels feel like when they go to the spa, but it’s got to be something close to the One & Only Mani Pedi. Trust me, you’ve never had a mani-pedi quite like this. You spend the hour with your heels kicked up in a zero-gravity chair (rumors to be made by NASA?!) with an eye pillow, blanket, warm neck wrap, and noise canceling headphones that whisk you away. Bonus! The nail polish is eco-friendly and vegan!
  8. You can manage your appointments on the Hiatus App! I never have time to call places during the work-day, so using the Hiatus app is super clutch to make and manage appointments.
  9. You can waive the registration fee with the code “AnaHCircle”! Call the spa to use the code and save $$$ when signing up!

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What are your favorite things about Hiatus Spa + Retreat? Leave a comment with any questions or thoughts!

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