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Color Factory Houston: Everything You Need to Know

Here’s everything you need to know about Color Factory Houston. This colorful installation is what (in my opinion) pioneered and defined what an incredible immersive art experience should and could be. Color Factory is a collaborative interactive exhibit that debuted in San Francisco in 2017 and New York in 2018 many moons before some of the other pop-ups came to Houston. It’s well-designed and the result of collaboration with many Houston artists and local inspiration. It really is a living museum of art!

Getting into Color Factory

General admission: $35 for adults
Kids 3-12: $28
Children age 2 and under are free
Click here to buy tickets.
USE OUR CODE “houstontickets15” for 15% off!

Opening Day: Saturday, October 25, 2019

Location: 3303 Kirby Drive, Houston, TX 77098

They’re located in the Upper Kirby neighborhood. The closest cross streets are Richmond Avenue and Kirby Drive. Paid and convenient public parking is located directly across from us on Kirby Dr. at the Kirby Collection building.

About the Houston Exhibits

The Upper Kirby neighborhood is now home to over 20,000 square feet of participatory installations. They are inspired by the colors of Houston and created in collaboration with a team of artists, creatives, designers, and makers to tell their unique color stories and engage all of your senses in unexpected ways. Below is a list of some of the collaborators, which includes inspiration from everything like Nasa to the iconic stadium chairs of the Astrodome.

The Color Factory Experience

As someone who works in user-experience and service design, I was SUPER impressed with the Color Factory attention to detail and dedication to the immersive experience. It’s not just an Instagram pop-up. Color Factory is an opportunity to disconnect and connect with each other in new ways. It felt like a children’s museum for adults! When you arrive, you have the option to check your bag (and your phone!!!). You get a Color Factory token which can be used throughout the exhibit to take pictures. They have photobooths strategically set up to get you the best angles and lighting. The images will then send to your email after your experience.

Each of the rooms connects to Houston in a very particular way through the use of colors, materials, photos, and artist collaboration. They even have snacks like macaroons, popcorn and ice cream from local Houston vendors! It’s really so fun and the ticket price is totally worth it. (Flip the ice cream upside down! It doesn’t melt!)

Color Factory employees are armed with fun facts about each exhibit and are happy to take your photo along the way. I was there for a solid 2 hours (granted, did some costume changes along the way). Depending on how many pictures you take, you can finish it in about 1-1.5 hours. Color Factory is very tactile and stimulates all the senses with color, sound, motion and lights.

The Color Factory Exhibits

Check out some of these photos from my favorite exhibits. I brought my phone along the journey, but I can’t wait to go back and leave it in a locker next time. The Color Factory is a wonderful, stimulating place to exercise mindfulness!

What to Bring

  • Your friends and family (not pets)
  • A charged phone or camera (but honestly, the token works really well)
  • Socks–for the NASA ball pit!!

Questions? Leave a comment!

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  1. I’m going soon, too! But I’m not sure how to do outfit changes–are there bathrooms that you can change in? And are the rooms in a certain order, or can you choose what order you do them in?

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  3. Do you only get the token if you check your phone? I’m going this weekend with my kids. I like the token idea to actually be in pictures with them but also like having my phone for up close pics.

  4. Who makes the ice cream cones? They were delish and we wanted to try and get some by that brand if possible.

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