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Where to Find Booze-Free Cocktails in Houston

Hey fellow Houstonians — did you opt into Dry January this year? Or are you looking for spots that — in general — give you booze-free cocktails in Houston?

Every year, I vow to skip out on booze for the month of January and in previous years it’s been HARD. I’m a social butterfly and a big foodie, so avoiding cocktails seem to damper the fun of trying out a new spot or hanging out with my friends. But lately, it’s not been such a challenge now that so many of my favorite bars have been incorporating zero-proof drinks on their menus!

And y’all — this is extra great news for the pregnant women in your life! I’ve had such a pain making plans with my expecting friends over the years! Bookmark this page for future ref — and come back later, since I plan on adding more spots for booze-free cocktails in Houston to this list!

Better Luck Tomorrow

I LOVE BLT! It’s such a cute neighborhood hang, and it’s just so *cool.* The neon lights everywhere, the wrap-around patio, the rotating menu — and, of course, pasta Tuesday! My personal opinion is prices are a bit high, but you got me at HALF OFF cocktails during happy hour, which is weekdays from noon-5 pm!

They ALWAYS have several zero-proof cocktails on the menu and they are constantly coming up with new drinks. These will run you $9-$10 (reminder: half off during HH!) and, compared to their booze-filled drinks at $12, it’s not too shabby of a deal!

They even have a Dry January specific menu, so check them out this month! But know they always have something tasty for you if you need!

Check out my last visit to learn more about their Dry January menu:


Booze-free doesn’t have to be completely free of… fun stuff. Wild has hemp-based cocktails for you to try for $9 each! Scroll through the options online — I’ve absolutely got to get my hands on the Orange Crush (pictured)

Monkey’s Tail

OK, my least favorite thing about Monkey’s Tail is that it’s kind of off in the middle of nowhere and I wish it were directly next door to me. Such a fun, casual vibe and a big space (with a big patio!) for nightly patronage.

Now, I haven’t yet checked out their mocktail menu, but I did notice it when I was there last in December, which means it’s not *just* a sober January thing.

Some of their cocktails include booze-less takes on classics. If you want a tiki drink, get the Viva Maracuva. The Penichill’n is a take on the classic scotch drink and contains a spiritless whisky substitute!

Wooster’s Garden

Wooster’s Garden is always a go-to for when you want a drink you’ve never ever had before. The menu is HUGE — and there’s a whole section for booze-less ones too!

This spot earns extra points because their mocktails are only $5-$6, according to their menu online. All of these sound super fruity and I bet come garnished just as elaborately as the real deals. I think this is my next spot to try booze-free cocktails in Houston!

Dish Society

Dish Society is your go-to boozeless brunch option! For one, they have the BEST daily breakfast that feels like brunch. I know that’s a weird thing to say, but seriously, there’s the occasional weekday when you really want brunch, but don’t know where to go! This is where you go!

I love that they just have so many drink options to begin with — lemonade and tea (flavored or non-flavored) — but they also serve up virgin mojitos and two invented mocktails of their own. The Pinky Swear is sweet and fruity and the LOL has lavender, ginger beer, and OJ — now doesn’t that sound like a brunch drink?

OH BONUS: Their sister restaurant, Daily Gather (in Memorial) has a handful of mocktails too!


My favorite thing about Roots is getting to try out all the wines, but did you know they actually have some booze-free wine to sip on? I DID NOT! My girl Megha let me know (click here for her recs!).

Ask any formerly pregnant woman and they’ll tell you — alcohol-free wine SUCKS. But these brands have the alcohol removed from the wine. Same wine + sans booze = same great taste? Hey, it’s worth a try!

3 thoughts on “Where to Find Booze-Free Cocktails in Houston

  1. This is a great list, I’d also like to see a mention of Sipple, the Rice Village dry liquor store. It’s the only one in Texas, and they have some really neat mixers and alcohol-free beers, wines, etc. thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Natalie! First of all nice work. I’ve dabbled in and out of not drinking a few times in my life. I must say when I am able to go 6 weeks without alcohol I have so much energy and positivity in my life. Eventually social norms and peer pressure bring me back into the occasional celebratory drink, then well you know how the story goes. I eventually wish to stop drinking again and get that energy and positivity back. I will note your recommendations here and maybe a mocktail will help subside the craving. Thank You!

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