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5 Favorite To-Go Tacos in Houston

Happy Taco Tuesday! Baaaasically a national holiday, am I right? Or just a fantastic weekly excuse to eat tacos.

In these weird times, something that I’ve found GREAT comfort in is comfort food — aka TACOS! (Hey, we are in Texas, y’all!)

Here are five of my favorite spots to get tacos to-go!

For Breakfast Tacos: Tacos A Go-Go

So, there are some AMAZING breakfast tacos out there — God bless Texas. But I love Tacos A Go-Go for their options in customizations. Seriously, so many options! Pick your tortilla, your type of eggs, 2 toppings — or more for 35 cents a peice. There are tons of options for those toppings and I love to get creative.

For Seafood Tacos: BerryHill

Do not sleep on BerryHill, y’all. It’s amazing baja style food will several locations across Houston. (Before anyone accuses me of supporting a chain, chill. It’s only in Houston.) I love their fish tacos and dream of them sometimes. My mom gets them grilled, to save a few calories.

For Creative Tacos: Velvet Taco

You can never ever get sick of Velvet. The menu is HUGE. Everyone has their fave Velvet Taco and they SWEAR by them. For me, it’s the fish and chips (see previous listing for my obsession with fish tacos). I also love the Tikka Masala one because HELLO?! That’s a taco?!

Tried and True Tacos: Torchy’s Tacos

Torchy’s is likewise creative — and has some delicious queso, alas, that’s a whole other ball game. My favorite one is the Trailer Park — make it trashy! But for a more authentic taco, I love the green chile pork — so simple, yet so tasty.

For Drive-Thru Tacos: Eight Row Flint

It might be a not so secret mission of mine to include Eight Row on like every single list — but I can’t help it, y’all! I love their tacos. And, they’ve orchestrated their parking lot into a drive thru for the time being. I am obsessed with their brussel sprout taco, but one time I accidentally ordered their beef, and it was pretty life changing. They also have a taco salad that my friend LOVES.

Where have you been ordering tacos from?! Tell us in the comments or here on Instagram!

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