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Where to Rosé All Day in Houston This Summer

Nothing says summer like a cold glass (errr, bottle) of rosé. Whether you’re ordering still, sparkling, or frozen, here’s my favorite Houston spots to sip my way through summer.

  • The Rustic. Whoa, plot twist. Let’s start with $5 froses. Every. Single. Day. ALL SUMMER! Pro tip — you’re welcome.
  • Fig and Olive. Go big or go home. This Galleria spot has a sign outside that says “rosé all day” so that’s pretty iconic.
  • King’s Bierhaus. Nothing like wine from a bierhause, right? Right. Love King’s frose — and they have specials throughout summer!
  • Postino. My fave spot in Houston (jk but not really). You have either still or sparkling to choose from — the actual wine rotates! I love a good sparkling. $20 bottles EVERYDAY before 5 pm, or board and bottle for $25 after 8 pm on Mon/Tues.
  • Camerata at Paulie’s. Love this little wine bar in Montrose! They have specials every once and a while, but you can always enjoy some pink wine and pasta from Paulie’s.
  • Mutiny Wine Room. Catch flights not feelings. Mutiny, always a great spot for wine night out or in!
  • a’bouzy. Calling all sparkling fans! You can always count on a good time at a’bouzy — rosé, oysters, repeat.
  • Max’s Wine Dive. Get your comfort food fix here — and some pink wine — sparkling or still!
  • Sonoma Wine Bar. Love this little spot in the Heights. Take a bottle and a snack to-go!

We get it. Large crowds in small spaces is not ideal as we continue through this pandemic. Not comfortable sipping around town? Take it to-go! Some of the listed above will have to-go options, but I want to call out a few!

  • Postino. Yes, this spot again. Order online or call ahead to get $15 bottles of wine!
  • Houston Wine Merchant. Best wine shop in town, hands down! Lots of options and the most helpful people!
  • Light Years Wine. Love Light Years — it’s shopping but also an experience. You’re meant to try a few glasses of wine before deciding on a bottle!

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